Posted by: bridget | 24 March 2007

An Odd Juxtaposition

CNN reports that the cost of birth control pills will be doubling or tripling at college campuses, following a change in the calculation of rebates under Medicaid. Pharmaceutical companies used to provide the Pill at a very steep discount, as it would help them to obtain rebates.  They also hoped that young women would start using their products in college and continue throughout their lives.  The annual cost of the Pill at college campuses is now approximately $400.  Many people worry that young women will not be able to afford it.

As previously blogged, the new STD vaccine, Gardasil, costs about $400.  Many progressives are working to mandate coverage, under the belief that middle schoolers can contract STDs.  It is so very strange how the two drugs – oral contraceptives and an STD vaccine – have the same price; one is nearly mandated, with no mention of cost; the other is deemed to be “too expensive” at market price.  So it’s worth $400 – and everyone has $400 – to ensure that middle schoolers don’t get STDs, but a $400 price tag on birth control pills is “too expensive.”  Someone please explain to a very confused blogger.


  1. Hmmm … they might try putting a price tag on raising a child. I wish girls would have more self respect and stop sleeping with anything that moves.

    This article just confirms the “entitlement” society we live in. College girls should be entitled to free or low cost birth control. I mean, crap, if they have to spend all their money on the pill, where will the money for booze come from? Oh, that’s right, the college boys are buying that. Is that the college circle of life?

    Fortunately there are still some young ladies that realize the value of purity and the gift it is to their future spouse.

  2. I completely agree re: entitlement society. So girls are entitled to cheap pills? Simply having the desire to screw gives pharmaceutical companies the moral requirement to provide you with steep discounts?

    I wish more MEN would also value purity; it’s nearly impossible to value that part of oneself when it is explicitly devalued by others.

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