Posted by: bridget | 1 April 2007

One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State

New York “A planned Holy Week exhibition of a nude, anatomically correct chocolate sculpture of Jesus Christ was canceled yesterday after Cardinal Edward Egan and other outraged Catholics complained.”  (From  (This article states that He was made in milk chocolate).   Such “art” is only marginally better than, say, urine on a crucifix.  Of course, if Mohammud were to be portrayed alongside the Saviour in dark chocolate, all hell would break loose.

Arlington, TexasWhen a man came home from a card game, he found his wife messing around with another man in a pickup truck in the driveway.  She cried rape.  He pulled out his gun and shot the alleged rapist.

Texas prosecutors secured an indictment for manslaughter against Tracy Denise Roberson; the grand jury refused to indict her husband, Darrell Roberson.  Many of them sympathised with him, stating that they would have done the same thing to defend their families.

Justice reigns supreme in Texas: the man who defended his wife against the worst of crimes will not be punished; the woman who committed adultery and then had the audacity to endanger her lover will stand trial; and the adulterous man won’t live to destroy another marriage.   Meanwhile, New Yorkers exhibit their own morality: the elevation of crude, meaningless sex -humans being nothing but animals  – as their own God.  Ah… red states, blue states.



  1. Interesting views.

    In NY the man who shot the guy would likely be in a tough spot, but then again that would really happen to the choclatiers (SP?) in Texas.

  2. Chocolatiers in Texas do quite well. I went with my family to a chocolate shop in downtown Fort Worth (near the Opera House) that was delicious.

    That specific chocolatier, however, would be shot on sight. ;)

  3. Yes, isn’t that interesting how these artists who just love to challenge norms rarely pick on Islam with their little stunts?

    I was reading about that Texas case. Glad to see justice was served and the man wasn’t charged with murder. What a mess.

  4. Picking on Islam is culturally insensitive. Challenging Christianity is edgy. (Note heavy dose of sarcasm.)

  5. Well, the context is different, since “America is a ‘Christian’ nation”.

    Of course the way the country acts may be a wee bit different than the gospels, which is not to say that they should be a basis of government.

    Americans, like most people, like to think that God is on their side. Here’s the news flash, God isn’t on the side of nations, he is on his own side and has his own agenda, and individuals can decide if they want to join that side.

  6. I agree that, if there is a God, he is not on the side of nations. I also find it interesting to note that you can tell people’s religion by how they think America was founded. Rational principles, divorced from monarchy or religion? Protestant work ethic? Ten Commandments? Secular humanism?

    Nevertheless, the fact that America may or may not be Christian does not make this “art” any less trite. Really, insulting Christians and demeaning Jesus is nothing new. Given that Americans came here, in part, to avoid religious persecution, it’s hard to say that America is really Christian. We are pretty clear about that whole freedom of religion thing. ;)

    It’s trite, it’s overdone, and, most importantly, it really underscores the ideas of the Left. These are the people who look at Dawn Eden and said something to the effect of making “a cottage industry out of her vagina by hanging a closed sign on it.” Never mind her principles of morality, religion, and her psyche – they see vagina. They are the ones who look at people who want abstinence education and think “panty sniffers.” Their desire to reduce everything to sex and sexual organs is underscored here, with their anatomically correct, edible Jesus who happens to lack a loincloth.

  7. First to criticize the chocolate Jesus as not equally offensive to Islam is to miss the point: Easter has become about candy, not about Christ.

    I believe the chocolate Jesus is a perfect metaphor for contemporary Christianity. If you can stop your knee from jerking for just a second and consider Easter celebrations, maybe, just maybe, you might learn something.

    What is more demeaning to Christ: A chocolate Jesus or a church that trivializes and politicizes everything once held sacred? Present company excluded, of course. Not.

  8. To many people, Easter remains a Christian day. The fact that other people celebrate it differently does not undermine that fact. Some Muslims do not take offence to the portrayal of their Allah. Does that mean that we should make chocolate Allahs, because some people don’t mind and made things that way? Under your theory, Christians who believe should celebrate neither the birth nor the death of their Saviour with any sort of reverence, as both have been commercialised. (I doubt that your wife would be happy with the same thought on Valentine’s Day! “Honey, I didn’t get you a thoughtful present because it’s all about candy and, really, it’s fake and trivial.”)

    What should I learn? That New York artists are incredibly amoral? That even atheists, like myself, look at this and acknowledge that is it designed to shock and offend the most moral of our society?

    Your last paragraph is utterly illogical. Here, let’s make an analogy: What’s more demeaning, rape or amputation? Oh, so you shouldn’t get upset about being amputated.

    Harm, violence, or offence does not give license to others to harm, bring violence upon, or offend.

    “Present company,” m’dear, is an atheist libertarian. How that turns into “politicizing everything once held sacred” is beyond me, but it’s clear that you see people who condemn the eternal Christian-trashing and assume us to be narrow-minded, uneducated political hacks.

  9. Possibly you missed the point: You can’t make a statement if no one sees it. As you likely are not “into” political art, maybe you are too narrow to see how things like this are designed to BENEFIT the Body of Christ, not harm it.

    What does a chocolate Jesus do? To the small minded it offends. To those who can get beyond their need to see Christian-bashing in everything it becomes a commentary on the church.

    And, yes, this blog does politicize Christianity whether you admit it or not.

  10. WhoreChurch,

    If you are going to comment on my blog, please do so intelligently. I have nothing but contempt for those who pretend to be intellectual and parade about, saying, “I know something you don’t know!” It’s rude, obnoxious, and really stretches my ability to have an open comment policy when your thoughts add absolutely nothing save a headache to my posts.

    If Christ’s chocolate genitals are anything but an attempt by a dull artist to stir up scandal, please explain the “commentary” of modern Christianity. You are apparently more open-minded than myself: please enlighten me.

    If this is a commentary on the Church, it is a rather quiet one, not having much to say for itself.

    Once more: I’m an atheist. Religion, my dear, has been a political issue for centuries. Why else would the Founding Fathers have felt the need for an Establishment Clause in the Bill of Rights?

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