Posted by: bridget | 4 April 2007

Taking a Break…

…having been called a thief, a moron, and a “dime a dozen femiNazi with a chip on her shoulder,” oh, yeah, and let’s not forget:

“If you can stop your knee from jerking for just a second and consider Easter celebrations, maybe, just maybe, you might learn something.

What is more demeaning to Christ: A chocolate Jesus or a church that trivializes and politicizes everything once held sacred? Present company excluded, of course. Not.”


It will take more than your word to convince me of your high I.Q.. — what you are inditing most certainly does not.

Your nothing but a dime a dozen femaNazi with a chip on her shoulder, over compensating and lying about her accomplishments based on her inferiority complex — inside, you know for a fact there are all kinds of things you cannot do that a man can — YOUR CONFLICTED ROSIE!

Your behavior is a stock response associated with femininism, which is a most flummoxing mental malady in many ways.

One malady associated with your bred I find fascinating is — usually unattractive women try to compensate for it with a pleasant personality but not in the feminist’s case.

Fascinating how you brought a Johnson into the matter…are we a might envious of that particular bit of anatomy?…was Freud right, or are you in dire need of a date?

You can get a date. Hang out down at the docks or at the discharge gate at a near by prison.”

… in one day, this pachyderm is taking a blogging break.  Yuck.



  1. I’m sorry to hear about that. That is one of the downsides to blogging. I like it 90% of the time, but the 10% is what makes me want to hang it up sometimes. I’m not the best at walking away from such things; glad to see you use better sense than me!

    In a weird way, it is almost easier to take when the people are so completely unhinged (see above!). Sort of like the stuff Michelle Malkin gets called sometimes. I did a pro-life post once and a lady with MS threatened to kick me in the crotch if I took issue with embryonic stem cell research! She was so far out that it didn’t offend me.

    Hang in there – go eat some chocolate or something – we like you and your blogging!

  2. wow. that is pretty bad. i’m sorry about that. please don’t stop blogging. your insight is really a blessing. Think of the peoples whose lives you touch for the better and disregard that crap. Although, i know that is easier said than done. I have quit blogging many times because of peoples reactions to me.

  3. Hey, I read your posts frequently on my blog surfer (but don’t comment much because I’m lazy, haha). Anyway, I just wanted to say that I hope you have a good break from blogging, but come back soon! I enjoy reading your posts that specifically come from a conservative law student’s perspective.

  4. “Usually unattractive women try to compensate for it with a pleasant personality but not in the feminist’s case.”

    You’re unattractive? :-)

  5. I really enjoy your blog. The comments were appaling, but I guess you have to consider the source, the value of which should be obvious from the comments.

    I am a conservative follower of Christ, but I have always found your posts intelligent and insightful even if I don’t agree with everything 100%.

    I want to echo the comment have a nice break but come back soon.

  6. Don’t let the A-holes get you down.

    I think I took some hits from the same source.

    Be well!

  7. I wish you were back. Someone needs to write about Imus gorveling for his rather stupid but harmless remarks last week. Disgusting media orgy that is has become.

  8. Hi Bridget,

    I was following that ugly thread to which you refer. I understand needing a break — just don’t let that mean lady run you off girl.

    While we don’t agree on everything. I enjoy your well articulated thoughts and have always viewed you as the most pleasant person.

    I hope you have some nice time off and I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. Take care kid.

  9. The ironic thing is that the Christianophobes–and that one in particular!–invariably come across as the ones with chips on their shoulders.

  10. Thank you all. :) I’m back for a few days, then running off to the Carribean.

    Hydralisk: please, anyone who defends Christianity is a narrow-minded twit who lacks critical thinking and artistic skills. (End sarcasm.)

  11. Running off to the Carribean!!! Have fun :)

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