Posted by: bridget | 9 April 2007

Taxation and Representation

How’s this for a title? “Gays Struggle to Find Their Voice at Black Colleges.” How do the lefties in their midst feel about this? To be serious, historically black colleges were founded by religious leaders who see conservative values (family, religion, and education) as a fundamental aspect of black success. Those colleges are not necessarily hostile to gay students but are under fire for not welcoming gay groups or fostering discussion about homosexuality.

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Ultimately, private colleges are free to create a campus environment in keeping with their missions: there is no mandate that religious colleges must be bastions of the modern progressive movement. In fact, the beauty of many religious schools and HBCs is that they are able to offer an environment which is radically different from liberal campuses and caters to the needs of students who are seeking certain values with their education.

The John Edwards campaign is changing its thank-you notes to those who wrote to support Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards. Formerly, emails and letters contained solicitations for campaign contributions. The Edwards campaign has eliminated this tacky behaviour and will restrict itself to thanking Mrs. Edwards’ supporters for their well-wishes.

Britain issued a moratorium on allowing the Navy captives to sell their stories to the media. Faye Turney and one other captive already sold their stories and will not be affected by the prohibition. There is public outcry over the fact that the soldiers could profit from their experience. What galls this pachyderm is not that soldiers are profiting from risking their lives, but that soldiers are profiting from a debacle that was partly due to their own lack of training and ability to withstand psychological pressure.

Queen of Swords has great commentary on the Iranian hostages.

Democrats finally clean up their own messes. Th alternative minimum tax was originally designed to prevent the wealthy from sheltering most of their income by establishing a baseline level of taxation. It limits the amount of deductions that can be taken, such as for children and payment of state property tax. Gradually, the cut-off point for AMT has moved down through the tax brackets until the upper-middle class and the middle class are now affected by it.

In its current manifestation, the super-wealthy, such as Teresa Heinz Kerry, pay a mere 15% of their total income in taxes, while professionals and the middle class are disproportionately taxed. The Democrats, tired of complaining that Bush has cut taxes for the rich, now seek to do the same and overhaul the AMT system.

“Between now and the end of May, House Democratic leaders hope to draft a permanent overhaul of the tax that would effectively exclude anyone who earns less than about $200,000 a year — about 97 percent of taxpayers.

But that plan would leave a $1 trillion hole in the federal budget over the next decade, which Democrats would have to replace with revenues from other places or with spending cuts, under new “pay as you go” budget rules. Just postponing the expansion of the tax for one more year would reduce revenues by about $50 billion, according to Congressional budget projections.”

Yes, the New York Times printed that. Generally, Democrats would benefit by overhauling the AMT system as it disproportionately affects people who are in high cost of living areas, which also tend to be Democrat strongholds.

Democrats took over Congress a mere three months ago. They promised an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, an increase in taxes on the wealthy, and manly-man government. Since then, we’ve seen only vague calls for redeployment, stonewalling President Bush on a troop surge, and a tax cut for the wealthy.


  1. Welcome back. :-)

  2. She’s back!

    Good point on the black colleges. Talk about stereotypes; the Left assumes that black must equal liberal.

    Re. Edwards – What, you mean you don’t view sympathy cards as an opportunity to solicit donations?

  3. glad your back, thanks for the info. :)

  4. I don’t know, Neil… I guess I don’t view sympathy cards as a roundabout way to state that you’ld like to give money. That’s just me, though. ;)

    Thing is, 80% of blacks do vote Democrat, but (and I know I’m going to get attacked for this) a lot of that is because of the social welfare benefits provided by the Left. It’s completely sad, because conservative values would be great for a community that is being destroyed from the inside, out.

    All – thanks for the welcome back. :) I’ll be disappearing again in a few days so that I can hang out in the sunshine (SoCal doesn’t have enough of it.)

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