Posted by: bridget | 10 April 2007

Feminists for Life at UCLA

Feminists for Life President Serrin Foster and Honourary Chair Patricia Keaton will be speaking at UCLA on 17 April at 7 pm. They will be presenting, “Refuse to Choose: Women Deserve Better” in Moore 100 (this pachyderm is utterly unfamiliar with UCLA and hopes that this may mean more to blog-readers in the LA area).


  1. I hope they get a big turnout. I wonder what the reaction will be – will it be protested by the pro-choicers? I love seeing groups like this because it immediately crushes the notion that pro-lifers are anti-women.

  2. Pro-choicers HATE FFL. Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon did a series on their “Pro-woman answers to pro-choice questions” and basically took everything they said out of context and slammed it. Apparently, in the pro-choice world, the only viable, self-deterministic choice for an autonomous woman with a feminist consciousness is abortion.

    I hope they get a big turnout, too.

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