Posted by: bridget | 11 April 2007

Like a Bad B Movie, It Just Doesn’t End

The Washington Post has reported that the three students who were falsely accused of rape have yet to find out whether charges will be brought against them.  These students were accused of rape in 2005.  Shortly after that, DNA tests exonerated all of the students.  Since then, they have been subjected to hostility from the media, fellow students, the administration, and, of course, the Duke 88.

The new prosecution should be commended for its attempts to clean up the mess left by Nifong; however, it has been clear for several years that these students are innocent of any possible crime.  (Their judgment, nevertheless, leaves a bit to be desired.)  There is simply no reason why they should be the subject of criminal investigation for this long.



  1. I just saw this on HotAir:

    You’re right, it’s taken far more than long enough for the prosecution to do this.

  2. My guess is that the root cause is the same as most problems: Pride. Someone just doesn’t want to ‘fess up and admit they were wrong.

  3. Whatever the results, it is further proof that living a Godly lifestyle can help you avoid these problems. If they hadn’t ordered strippers in the first place they wouldn’t be in this mess.

  4. Tieki: Thanks for the link!

    Neil: You’re probably (or definitely) right about the pride issue.

    TotalTransformation: do you read Ann Coulter, too? I think her take on all of this was that if you don’t run around doing things that your mother could have told you were tacky, then you won’t find yourselves in these messes. Of course, that doesn’t justify what the prosecutors and faculty at Duke have done to these kids.

  5. Ah! Here it is:

  6. I love Ann, have a big picture of me with her on my office wall. If only she had some meat on her bones I might have asked her out to dinner back then. :-)

  7. You met Anne?? I’m jealous!!!!

    Babe, if she doesn’t have meat on her bones, she’s more in need of dinner than other women. ;)

  8. What she needs is a Jewish mother! Fatten her up in a week or two.

    Yeah, I met her twice- at CPAC 1999 and CPAC 2000. One of those times I got to talk to her for a while and flirted with her in order to get a free copy of her book. I did my puppy dog eye thing and plead my undergrad poverty.

    I was always more of a Kelly-Anne kind of guy anyway. Actually, were I single now, Michelle Malkin, would be my pick. But I do like the columnist Mary Katherine Ham. Gosh, hope my wife doesn’t see this…lol.

  9. LMAO! Miss Coulter with a Jewish mother? How about an Italian mother? Or one who makes rainbow bars? (Those things are really heavenly. I bought a half-pound of them and enjoyed most of them until I got sidetracked by Easter baskets and birthday cake.)

    I’ll have to go to a CPAC one of these days. Congrats on pleading undergrad poverty to get a free book… I had to pay for them! ;) (I did, however, read “Slander” before giving it to my sister as a present. I sat there, reading and snickering, while my family gave me strange looks. My sis read it, snickered the whole way through it, and did not get strange looks, mostly because I had done the same thing.)

    If your wife starts perusing my blog, I’ll judiciously edit the above post. ;) I’ll have to hit you up for romantic advice some day, my love life being a never-ending disaster and all. ;)

  10. I often give good advice on all matters- love especially. I think I give such good advice because I am all too well acquainted with the depravity of the male mind.

    So don’t worry about asking, I don’t mind helping out.

    BTW CPAC is wonderful. I think I am going to take my wife next year. It will be a totally different experience as a married man. When I was single I never had to pay to get into the special dinners and lunch-ins, just a little flirting with the right woman who happened to have tickets, and I often got myself (and my friends) in free. Now I’ll have to pay the $50 cover charge.

    Didn’t hurt that conservative women are often quite beautiful, and a joy to spend time with. ;-)

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