Posted by: bridget | 12 April 2007

Can Rappers be Censored, Too?

CBS has fired Don Imus over his comments last week, in which he called the members of the Rutgers basketball team, “nappy-headed ‘hos.” While it was certainly in poor taste, it was not worth all of the media grief that followed his comments. As Michelle Malkin points out, most of the Billboard top 20 rap hits use language that is significantly more foul and derogatory. Ann Coulter states that foul language is, sadly, a part of politics. Her excellent point is that Imus’s real problem is not the language he used, but his targets: young, talented women who did nothing to provoke it:

If Imus had called me a “towheaded ho” or Al Sharpton a “nappy-headed ho,” it would be what’s known as “funny.” (And if he called Anna Nicole Smith a “flaxen-headed ho,” it would be “absolutely accurate.”) But he attacked the looks and morals of utterly innocent women, who had done nothing to inject themselves into public debate.

Yet this man is losing his radio show. It’s not the words that people object to: it’s the completely unsubstantiated character assassinations. If that is the standard we are using, then why does Amanda Marcotte not have a permanent muzzle?

Meanwhile, no one at the New York Times seems to have been fired for their character attacks against three lacrosse players at Duke University. So you can call white lacrosse players rapists; if you’re black, you can call any woman a ‘ho (or worse), regardless of her athletic ability; however, if you’re white, you cannot use the word ‘ho in reference to a black basketball player without losing your job.


  1. Come on Bridget — Rappers are artists. No limits!

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot. White preppy lacrosse players are bad, even if they didn’t rape this particular woman; rappers are artists; nude chocolate Jesus is art. Any that I missed?

  3. No, you apparently are grasping it quite well;)

    Have you packed for vacation yet?

  4. LOL! I’m at work, trying to play with a software thing, and I have to do my taxes and pack. This pachyderm is NOT sleeping tonight!

  5. I totally agree with you.
    Imus was wrong. But sharpton, certainly no better.

  6. Have a great vacation Bridget:)

  7. This was buzzing long before Rev. Al picked up the banner. Imus’ voice will not be missed, and even if he wants to work, someone will be more than happy to pick him up somewhere.

    However, it is high time that the Black leadership took on the rappers and also those who make the $$$ from their garbage. There should be outrage from these excesses which typically denegrate all of us, by denegrating some of us.

  8. I absolutely agree about the double standard. I think the lacrosse players suffered a lot more harm than the basketball players, but I have apparently missed the apologies and resignations in the media.

    Maybee it is just a lacrosse vs. basketball thing. After all surely nobody is prejudiced against white college boys. Of course, I could be wrong.

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