Posted by: bridget | 9 May 2007

Mid-Week Round Up

The first named storm of the hurricane season formed in the Atlantic, about three weeks before the beginning of the official hurricane season. Since 1851, there have been a total of eighteen tropical storms and hurricanes (Andrea is a subtropical storm), meaning that, once every eight or nine years, a hurricane or a tropical storm is formed in the Atlantic in May. Forecasters are blaming global warming and the Washington Post mentioned the problems associated with hurricanes:

Wind-driven waves have been causing coastal erosion in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, and the ocean has lapped at beachfront homes and condominiums.

No kidding. Our entire planet was formed because of radical geological or climatic events. (Aren’t these people supposed to be the evolutionists?) The effect of waves on Hilton Head is nothing compared to the Grand Canyon.

More importantly, the global-warming zealots miss an important point. They seem to believe that, if humans minimise their influence on the Earth, that the climate will suddenly become less hostile. Early humans recognised the hostility of our natural environment and built civilisation to protect ourselves from it. Undoing civilisation will not undo the dangers of our environment; it will simply make us more vulnerable to them. Our “unnatural” contribution to the earth is a reaction to its climate, not the cause thereof.

One more reason to be vegetarian. (Bad joke, but this pachyderm couldn’t resist.)

“Many adolescents, and adults too, say they engage in oral sex as a less risky type of sex,” said Mark A. Schuster of the Rand Corp. and UCLA, noting that herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections can spread through oral sex. “What this article and others show is you absolutely can get serious sexually transmitted diseases through oral sex.”

Yet another reason to promote chastity and the importance of treating one’s body with respect, instead of merely doing that which is pleasurable. We would hardly advocate for someone to drink to his heart’s content, smoke endlessly, and eat excessive amounts of Twinkies because those activities happen to be pleasurable, yet, for some reason, our standards regarding human sexuality are different.

Those who see sex, in all its forms, as potentially safe will continually be surprised when the exchange of bodily fluids is found to cause infection and disease. Again, the Left does not comprehend things that would have been well-known to your average semi-literate medieval peasant.

House Democrats and a few others (Rep. Sununu from N.H.) are putting forth legislation to repeal the Real ID Act (previously blogged here). While this pachyderm is certainly anti-illegal immigration and anti-terrorist, she dislikes the idea of federal intrusion into state matters. The federal government is welcome to implement its own standards for an acceptable method of identification for its own purposes: it does this, currently, with passports. It can deem some forms of identification from certain states to be acceptable, while noting that others fail to meet its standards. What it cannot do is to mandate how states are to conduct their own affairs. (In short: another reason to repeal the Seventeenth Amendment).



  1. I couldn’t agree more with you one point two. You reach very logical conclusions. I wish everyone saw it that way. Then we wouldn’t have to invent vaccines for things like HPV.

  2. I wanted to make sure you caught this, so I am not posting it way back in the old post it is related to.

    Remember your post about those darn spiral light bulbs everyone loves. Here are some fun facts for you Theo.

    “In general, the coefficient is about 2.3 lb CO2 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity. You can calculate the kWh of electricity by multiplying the number of watts (W) the appliance uses times the number of hours (h) it is used, then dividing by 1000. For example a 60-W light bulb operated for 24 h uses (60 W) x (24 h) / (1000) = 1.44 kWh. This use of electricity would produce an emission of (1.44 kWh) x (2.3 lb CO2 per kWh) = 3.3 lb CO2 if the electricity is derived from the combustion of coal. Thus if you have your 60W bulb burning 24/7 you could conceivably cause the emission of ~1200 lb CO2/year but even heavily used lights would be pushing to be on 6/7 rather than 24/7, so total emission caused might be 300 lb/year, a 1/3rd increase in efficiency could then “save” 100 lb CO2/year.

    For comparison, a person (at rest) exhales about 800 lb CO2 per year, so changing out 8 heavily used incandescent bulbs for CFLs delivers a theoretical “saving” equivalent to preventing one such couch potato breathing but you’d need to change many times more to equate to people who engage in physical exercise, play sport or whose work involved 8 hours of manual labor per day since respiration rises significantly with effort.

    Is this “saving” a big deal for the planet’s climate? Nope — even if you stopped all human emissions of carbon dioxide today and held them at zero for the next 50 years it would make no measurable difference to planetary temperature. Everyone hand waving and telling you that you can (and must) change your carbon dioxide emission profile to adjust the planet’s climate is just plain full of it.”

  3. “Again, the Left does not comprehend things that would have been well-known to your average semi-literate medieval peasant.”

    Thanks for the laugh!

    Big Pharm is working overtime to find vaccines for all kinds of STDs. While that may seem noble, it is a sign of the pathetic attempts to avoid consequences of bad behavior. More diseases and pregnancies will crop up anyway, there will be side effects, etc.

    And of course, you can’t make a vaccine to get rid of the guilt and dehumanization that come with random sexual consequences (though, to paraphrase Lisa Simpson, they are probably trying to find a minty gel to to that as we speak!).

  4. MommyZabs,

    Thank you. :) I’m all for curing disease and ensuring that humans can lead better lives (you know, that whole thing about nature being somewhat hostile to our existence), but do not understand why people insist on pretending that certain consequences do not logically follow from certain actions. You can’t help getting polio or pertussis, but you can help getting (and spreading) HPV.


    Glad someone finds me to be funny. ;) Of course more diseases will crop up – such is the fun of mutation. :) (That is what really gets me about the HPV vaccine. They want to give it to 11-year-old girls and hope that it will prevent them from getting cancer at age 50, as if the virus will not mutate at all in forty years.)

  5. Interesting that since 1851 there have been 18 “pre-season” hurricanes equaling about one every 8 or 9 years. But if I understand the latest weather reports, this particular pre-season event is the first in the past 20 something years, which would mean (if anything) that these events are on the decrease and actually argues agains Global Warming. . . . . Next Stop Lauderdale

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