Posted by: bridget | 17 May 2007

Conspiracy Theories and Cupcakes

Metallurgists and statisticians have analysed the bullet fragments found in JFK’s body and concluded that the findings of the Warren Commission Report and the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Both concluded, using outdated analytical techniques (i.e. lead analysis of the bullets) to conclude that only two bullets hit JFK and that they came from the same batch of bullets used by Lee Harvey Oswald.

The scientists did not conclude that there was certainly a second gunman, only that the methods used to rule out a second gunman were fundamentally flawed. The bullet fragments found in JFK’s body could have come from at least three bullets; earlier analyses revealed that only two bullets were used.

The full report may be found here.

Black flight? The Washington Post reports that DC may not be a majority-minority city for much longer. In 2000, 60% of Washingtonians were African-American; today, that number is 55% and dropping steadily as blacks are moving into Maryland and Virginia.

William Frey, a Brookings Insitution demographer, attributes the decrease in the number of minorities to unaffordable housing prices within the District. This pachyderm recalls that NoVa housing prices are not any better than in DC; in fact, the only DC-area neighbourhoods with lower housing prices tend to be in Prince George’s County. Furthermore, NoVa is significantly safer than most areas of DC. Is it possible that black families with means are leaving the city, with its violence, crime, and mediocre public schools, to move to Maryland and Virginia?

Montgomery County is having problems implementing its trans-fat ban. There are questions as to whether or not churches or schools that hold bake sales will be forbidden from selling foods that are made with trans fat. Enforcement is an issue: even if the city were to ban such foods, how would they know what went into an apple pie crust?

Best of all, such a ban on trans fat will encourage bakers to use animal fat:

“I don’t know how you make a pie crust without some kind of fat or some kind of vegetable shortening or lard, which people didn’t use because it was animal fat,” Denchfield said. “But now they’re saying trans fat is just as bad as animal fat.”

This vegetarian chocolate-lover is not happy with the latest turn of events. Please, give her some partially hydrogenated soybean oils before taking away the wonders of the bakery from her vegetarian diet.

Elephant snort.



  1. Crisco is making a shortening with no trans-fats. I have used it in pie crust with some success. I wonder how they get it to stay solid, though…

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