Posted by: bridget | 31 May 2007

Valerie Plame Sues CIA

Agent Plame and her husband are not content with the mayhem they have already created (Mr. Wilson “outed” his wife; Plame and Wilson ensured that Scooter Libby will be incarcerated for Wilson’s actions; and Wilson misrepresented the nature of his trip to Nigeria and, of course, the terrorist threat posed by Iraq).  Now Ms. Wilson is suing the CIA as it will not allow her to divulge classified information in her forthcoming novel.

“Although that information is set out in an unclassified letter to Ms. Wilson that has been published in the Congressional Record, the C.I.A. insists that her dates of service remain classified and may not be mentioned in “Fair Game,” the memoir Ms. Wilson hopes to publish in October.”

Ah, poor Ms. Wilson: after her husband cut short her tenure as a make-believe spy, the CIA won’t let her make a fortune off of national security information.  The nerve.


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