Posted by: bridget | 7 June 2007

An Excellent Joke

Some pachyderm ruckusing…. last night, the elephant was helping her friend prepare for the LSATs.  After her friend’s boyfriend (A.) left their condo, the Pachyderm’s friend (H.) went to make tea (caffeine helping with LSAT-ing and all) and found a shot of (excellent) tequila that the Pachyderm never got around to drinking over the weekend.  Friend handed it to the ivory-tusked critter in her kitchen, who promptly downed it.

H: “Wow, you didn’t even flinch!  I was looking really closely.” (One should expect no less from a Luxembourgian.)

Pachyderm: “Meh.”  (Pauses.  Looks around.) “Do you have any more shot glasses?  And some water?”

H. found a half-dozen shot glasses and puts them on the island while looking slightly perplexed; the pachyderm began swishing water on the inside.  H. grinned, took a bottle of tequila down, removed the top, and left it out.  Pachyderm grabbed a bottle of rum and splashed a little inside each glass as H. became inspired and threw salt all over the counter, leaving the salt shaker out.   For the final touch, the pachyderm make a sheet with tally marks on it.

The stage was set.  Would A. believe that “LSAT studying” is a euphemism for taking shots?  Two hours later, he arrived home.  He paused, walked upstairs, and opened the door.  H. (a notorious lightweight) giggled hysterically and threw herself onto the elephant.  A. asked, with a look of utter astonishment, “What’s going on here?”

H.  giggled more.  Pachyderm (a notorious dipsomaniac), with a straight face: “We did shots every time she got one wrong.”

A: (Pauses, looks at H., looks at Pachyderm.)  “You’re a really good teacher.  That’s the perfect punishment for her.  She can’t handle alcohol.”

Hook, line, and sinker.  Of course, the pachyderm and H. did finally come clean… eventually.


  1. Note to self: Beware of practical jokes from clever Pachyderms!

  2. Never thought you were a drinker. You louse you…lol.

  3. Um…. how did you get that impression? Ask Lewd – she’ll set you straight. ;)

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