Posted by: bridget | 9 June 2007

Take the Money – No, Please, Take It! It’s (Not) Yours!

The Pachyderm received a letter from the IRS the other day.  She opened it with trepidation – did she file something wrong?  Owe money?  Forget to put down her SSN?

No such luck.  She found that she was eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit. She did not check off any boxes on her 1040 indicating that she was eligible (or would even desire such a thing); yet, the IRS has a policy of mailing letters to every “taxpayer” who could possibly be eligible and requests that they fill out a very simple form.  If they are eligible for the “credit,” they will receive a check in the mail, despite not paying any income taxes.

It’s like Robin Hood, except that the sheriff himself is stealing from the working wealthy and giving to the shiftless poor.  Now, this pachyderm certainly would not mind if the taxpayers had given her a stipend for her summer internship at a government agency: she does not mind being paid for her labour and intellect.  Yet, that is not the proposed scheme: the government will forcibly tax the rest of society to give her money for not earning enough during her sabbatical.

She has no desire to let the government rob others on her behalf.  Letter of protest to be written soon – she also has no desire to become part of the 20% of “taxpayers” who do not accept this “earned” credit.


  1. Reason #97 the tax code needs a major overhaul.

  2. You have hit this nail on the head. I recently posted on this little gem over a NSL. Just wait till the illegals become eligible for it. They can make over $5,000 without every having a dollar withheld. This little “gift” alone could bankrupt us as a country – possibly. (and this along with Social Security most certanially will) And to think we were told that the tax breaks are only for the wealthy. I think, if they are going to keep this benefit they should at least move it out from under the tax code and put it where it belongs on the Welfare list of entitlements. How about a little truth in our legislation. …….. Next Stop Lauderdale

  3. you have integrity girl! Something so many are without!

  4. Neil,

    There’s only 96 others? Huh.


    I’m afraid of the day that the illegals will become eligible for it – or if they become legal and take it. Bad enough that certain groups support our bloated government – now they have to give handouts to everyone, too? Best of all, if you don’t ask for the handout, they’ll ask you if you want it. If you don’t take it, you’re counted among the persons who don’t know about this great benefit.

    It irks me to no end that it’s called an earned income tax credit. If you earn enough money, you don’t qualify for it. GRRRRR.


    Thank you. :)

  5. Thanks for not taking the money. You make me proud!

  6. Hey Theo you could have solved both our problems if you took the money and then cut me a check to pay off Wells Fargo. Too bad it’s too late. :-P

  7. TotalTransformation: if you’re a taxpayer, it’s your money, not mine. ;)

    Glad to hear that everything worked out. :)

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