Posted by: bridget | 14 June 2007


For those bored and at work (or bored and at home): launch Paris Hilton out of jail.


  1. It’s schadenfreude and I do take pleasure in her misfortune.

  2. Hey,have you seen this?
    Wonder if the genius Beth (from Tieki Rae’s site) has seen it. Great timing, huh?

  3. It took me five attempts, but I managed to spring her!

  4. Sorry to derail the comments section, but I wanted to let you know that I picked one of your comments for Tammi’s “Comment of the week” post.

    Congratulations! Your valuable prize is one of those metaphorical ones, unfortunately (d’oh!): The satisfaction of being clever and accurate. You may release some endorphins now.

    Seriously, thanks for the clarity and wit you add to things!

  5. I have never been that bored. lol.

  6. Thanks, Jim! :)

    Lewd, no, I didn’t see that… but it will work nicely with a post I want to make soon.

    Congrats, Kelly! :) It took me a few to realise that you can’t let her head touch the ground… and, of course, that you have to launch her well befor the barrier.

    Thanks, Neil! :) Glad to know that I could pass “Theology for Atheists” if the need arose.

    TT – but you still tried to launch her, right? ;)

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