Posted by: bridget | 10 July 2007

Because all fetuses are the spawn of Satan…

Adding to the “can’t make this up” category: Masters of Horror had a politically charged episode during its second season: Pro-Life. In an attempt to portray all pro-lifers as religious whackjobs, John Carpenter devises a situation in which a young girl is impregnated by the Devil – and the pro-lifers, misguided Christians that they are – insist that she not be allowed to abort.

John Carpenter’s (Halloween) contribution to the second season of the Masters of Horror series, Pro-Life, tackles one of the most abject horror film topics–abortion–with absurdity, showing how humor can be rooted in disgust. Fifteen-year old Angelique (Caitlin Wachs) Burcell has been raped by the devil, and seeks an abortion at the local abortion clinic in this homage to Rosemary’s Baby. Unfortunately, her right wing Christian father, Dwayne (Ron Perlman), is not only pro-life, but also has a psychotic belief that she is about to birth God’s child which justifies fighting his way into the clinic with guns to prevent Angelique’s operation.

Riiight. Are pro-choicers now demanding that all abortion laws have exemptions for rape, inceset, life of the mother, and daemongenia of offspring?


  1. I guess the devil must be pro-life, what a surprise.

  2. Ha! Sometimes it is best just to let them spout their views like that. I think the undecided middle will realize what freak shows the passionate pro-aborts are.

  3. SST – excellent point. :) Why don’t you blog?

    Neil – yes, but some people take it seriously. Or think that they are satarising us.

  4. Wow, you really can’t make that stuff up. Just wow.

  5. No, you can’t. :)

    Thank you for stopping by.

  6. Wait, since when did these guys even believe in Satan? I thought he was just one of those quaint urban legends Christians made up to scare people. Does that mean they believe in God too, or is this just more pointless gobbletygook they’re “sending out into the Universe””?
    I wish I could send them out into the Universe.

  7. ::Snorts laughing::

    Did I ever tell you how much I miss you? :)

    You’re correct. This does bring up a bit of a paradox: the only group who believes in Satan does not think that the child is daemonic; ergo, the child should live. The other group does not believe in Satan; therefore, it cannot believe that the child is daemonic; therefore, why kill it?

    Maybe this is really a pro-life film after all, if you’re smart enough to figure it out. ;)

    I wish I could send them out into the Universe.

    For $20 million each, you can send them to outer space. I bet you could bribe the Mir people to keep them out there. ;)

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