Posted by: bridget | 26 July 2007

Peanut Gallery

Congratulations to the ’07 grads who just finished the bar exam! (Or, to those who are in Cali, who will finish later this afternoon.) Congrats, Queen of Swords – you’re alive. (We’ll ignore the fact that, after it was all over, you tried to take out your mom with a Sig Sauer.)


This blog, since its inception in the summer of ’06, has been subtitled “Right wing thoughts from the left coast.” In a mere three weeks (yuck), this pachyderm will be packing up her Volvo and moving to back East for ten months. “Right wing thoughts from the right coast” lacks a certain panache. Suggestions?

  • “Still surrounded by bonehead liberals: have I left the Left Coast?” ~QoS
  • “Another can of Libertarian Whoop-A” ~Neil
  • “Right Wing Ramblings of a Right Coast Culture Warrior” ~TT
  • “Right Winger Writing from the Right Coast” ~TT
  • “The Three R’s of the Right Coast: Reasoning, Writing, and Arithmetic” ~TT


With headlines like this, you would have no idea that the Dow Jones broke the 14,000 mark for the first time in history – usually an indicator that the economy is moving along.


A vegetarian diet saves money. If we really lived in a free market economy, health insurance companies would be able to offer discounts to the grass-eaters of the world.



  1. Am I alive? I’m not sure.
    Funny story: I pass the F out at like 1 after the test, and after 2 hours am awakened to the sound of someone trying to get into my apartment–working the doorknob, slamming against the door, etc. I immediately vault out of bed and run to the foyer, screaming—WHAT THE F&&& DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING??? threatening to get my gun, etc. Turns out it’s my MOM, dropping off roses from my family. WHOOPS!!! I was all, oh! um…..thanks!!

    Oh well, now we know how I would react to a home invasion: zero fear, just pure unadulterated rage. Good to know. :)

    Bridge, here’s an image for you: I open the door and Glenda is scuttling away, waving and apologizing frantically for waking me up. . . “Sorry Allie, sorry! We love you! Sorry!” Glad I didn’t shoot her!

  2. As for your moniker, how about: “Still surrounded by bonehead liberals: have I left the Left Coast?”


    I can see it and I’m shaking laughing. Glenda has three alpha children and an alpha husband – surely she can manage threatened matricide! ;)

    “Law grad, after bar, shoots mother bearing roses.” Cripes, what’s next? Did you run over a nun who took too long crossing the road?

    When I visit you in 22 days, I’ll remember to NOT go straight to the door and try to let myself (and my stuffed elephant) in.

    Love the moniker.

  4. This, I shall think on…

  5. L&L – congrats on finishing!

    Re. the moniker – Bridget, all that comes to mind is something like, “Another can of Libertarian Whoop-Ass” I have a feeling you’ll want to choose one of the other suggestions. :-)

  6. I’m waiting to see what Totaltransformation comes up with.

    L&L — Congrats on finishing and that story is hilarious! I react like you do. When I think someone is trying to jack with me, I get really ticked :)

  7. Right Wing Ramblings of a Right Coast Culture Warrior

    Or perhaps

    Right Winger Writing from the Right Coast

    Or perhaps

    The Three R’s of the Right Coast: Reasoning, Writing, and Arithmetic.

    Well I didn’t say they would all be good.

  8. Looks like the creative juices are flowing :)

  9. Tammi,

    Have any suggestions? :)

  10. Let me think Bridget … how about Right on from the retard coast? Lol, just kidding!! Kind of. (Spoken from the security of the middle of Wyoming) ;)

  11. Huh… I like the “right on” idea. Virginia isn’t very crazy (after all, Planned Parenthood gave it an “F”, which makes it A-okay in my book!) – in fact, it’s not until you hit DC that the real mayhem begins.

    “Right on from wherever I happen to be at the moment”?

    “Right-wing thoughts from somewhere that is NOT Texas”?

  12. Hi Bridget,
    I thought you were going to be hanging out mostly in Mass. and with their lefty politics and all … well, VA is a different story indeed. I think Tieki Rae is considering heading south for law school when it’s time.

    I do like Right on from wherever you happen to be at the moment. :)

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