Posted by: bridget | 16 August 2007

Alp Crossing, et arrière encore

In the winter of 218 BC, a Carthaginian general loaded up his elephants to cross the Pyrenees and the Alps during the second of three Punic Wars. In the summer of 2007, an elephant loaded up her Volvo* to cross the Rockies** and the Appalachians before doing battle in the third year of law school; said law school is named for two generals. Coincidence?

Normal blogging activities will resume once two pachyderms make landfall in Virginia.

*with, inter alia, another elephant and a ridiculous amount of chocolate: her friends gave her truffles, cookies, more cookies, truffles, cookies, Dove, chocolate seashells, chocolate bars, and some token dried fruit. Thermo question of the day: how does one keep it from melting as one crosses the Mojave and Painted Deserts in August?

**with a pre-trip caper in Vegas, of course!


  1. Have a safe trip, and NO texting while driving.

  2. Lots of a/c, I hope! Have a safe trip.

  3. Have fun here in Vegas. We have even saved you some humidity…

  4. A: Washington & Lee?

    Wish you the best!

  5. Hi there! I don’t know how you know me, but I see you linked to my blog which is really cool. When I have some more time, I’ll try to read up on yours as well. For now, I’ll just add you to my reader. Thanks for the blogroll link…I feel so important..LOL.

    God bless,


  6. Enjoy your trip! I’ll be praying for your safe arrival.

  7. Thank you!!

    I’m back in Virginia. If by “humidity,” Kelly, you mean “rain,” yes, you did save some of it for me. It was the first time I had seen this wet stuff that falls from the sky since late 2006.

    I drove through the remains of tropical storm Erin on my way across I-40 in Oklahoma. I’m from New England, but that was some tough driving. Arrived at QoS’s place around dawn. She tried to pour some Jim Bean down my throat, which, in retrospect, was an excellent idea.

    Blogging will resume when I get my comp up on the school network and stop b—-ing about leaving California.

  8. “Blogging will resume when I get my comp up on the school network and stop b—-ing about leaving California.”

    Glad to have you back. I am up to my eyeballs between the Western Civ. and the American History courses I am teaching combined with the two colloquiums I am taking this semester. I think I was insane to do this much in one semester.

  9. She’s back! Glad you made it safely. Say hi to the QoS.

  10. TT – um, yeah, that will stress you out. Did you start a caffeine IV or are you just going to hope that it all works out?

    Neil – thank you! :) I haven’t seen the Queen since I went through her home state. Will send my greetings. Work is keeping her busy.

    Road trip, overview: Left Las Vegas on Friday night. Drove to Albuquerque and checked in so late that the front desk thought I was checking out. Slept for about 3 hours, ate breakfast, went for a swim, and checked out six hours after checking in. I then had a 900 mile drive to Arkansas. Got caught in a freakin tropical storm on my way through Oklahoma, which slowed me down a lot. Oddly, my gas gauge (which had been stuck on “empty” for a few months) started working again. At one point, I had been on the road for 26 out of 32 hours.

    Arkansas to Virginia was uneventful – just really freakin long. Total time, Vegas to Virginia: 73 hours, some 39 of which were driving. One tropical storm; 111 degree heat in parts of Death Valley; oh, it was a rocking good time.

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