Posted by: bridget | 14 September 2007

Clearly, No Mamma Bears Here

Tammi has a few posts about parents who neglect their children.  Sadly, there seems to be something in the water these days.  A woman recently confessed to putting Prozac into her 12-year-old daughter’s applesauce.  Supposedly, this was to help her sleep; however, Mrs. Walsh would often wake up her daughter to drug her.  She did not seek medical advice about the effects of Prozac on children:

Walsh told officers, “I knew the doctor would tell me to stop,” when asked why she didn’t seek medical care for the girl, according to the probable cause affidavit. “I was just trying to help her sleep and I guess I should not have done it.”

Honey, if you know that the doctor will tell you to stop, don’t do it.  There is no “guessing” about this action: you just don’t poison your kids.

At least Karen Walsh, unlike the parents of “Jane Doe,” did not aid in her daughter’s rape.  Warren Jeffs, the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints, ordered a 14-year-old girl to wed her cousin.  When she expressed reservations about the marriage, he told her to submit to him.  Predicably, telling a scared young girl to submit to sex did not make her into a happy, complacent wife:

When the couple did first have sex, she testified she told her husband, “I don’t know what you’re doing and I’m really uncomfortable, so please stop.” However, he did not, she said, adding she “felt dirty and used” afterward. She swallowed two bottles of over-the-counter pain medicine, but threw it up, she testified.

The CNN article (and, apparently, Utah prosecutors) ignored another issue.  Her parents were involved in this marriage.  The man in question is her cousin; the couple moved into her parent’s house after the wedding; her parents gave them a queen bed in which to sleep; and she would hide out in her mother’s bathroom to avoid relations with her husband.  Remarkably, only Warren Jeffs is on trial for being an accomplice to rape.  Sane, healthy parents do not consent to these types of unions; they beat the man (and anyone else so participating) senseless.



  1. Yeah, unfortunately there are some Mormon prosecutors in Utah that admit to purposely looking the other way with some maverick groups and refusing to enforce the law against them.

  2. P.S. The new look of your blog is refreshing.

  3. This is why I classify this sect as a cult.

    I can only assume that the parents had been raised in the cult.

    As for Mrs. Walsh, I read that she was being treated for depression. Clearly her treatment was not sufficient.

    I have, unfortunately, had some experience with mental health care, and while it can be very good, it can also be very bad. Too many times patients are sent off with a prescription with out any additional care. I don’t know about this case, sometimes even with the best of care things can go wrong.

  4. If I may change the topic, what do you think of this?

    Hee Hee!

  5. Jay – good point. Sad, too – obviously, these prosecutors aren’t going after the parents for condoning their daughter’s rape (sick, sick, sick), so why go after anyone else?

    Everyone seems to like the new layout. Sheesh, y’all should have said something sooner. ;)

    Sunday School Teacher – it’s hard to be treated for depression when you force-feed your drugs do your kids. Munchausen’s by proxy, anyone?

    Total Transformation: funny, I was thinking about similar things the other day. As I have an opinion on everything and think people actually care to hear about said opinions, I’ll blog that issue in a few. :)

  6. Ugh! I almost blogged about this the other day too, but I’d had all the stupid parenting I could stand for the day.

    Warren Jeff’s attorney is a woman, and maybe it shouldn’t make any difference, but it ticks me off that she so willingly defends a bastard child rapist.

    I’m convinced that parent’s need to be prosecuted more frequently for neglect and stupidity, or this will not change.

    I think the new look of your site is beautiful too!

  7. Love the new theme.

    Yea, I’d be using a Machete (dirty and dull is best for this) to perform emergency penectomies on all male parties to this (un)holy union…. or I’d at least be imagining doing it while I did something a little less illegal.

  8. Matthew,

    Thank you. :) Everyone seems to like the theme. Apparently, dark and dreary wasn’t cutting it for y’all.

    I hear that anaesthesia is overrated for those surgeries. ;) I fully subscribe to the theory that if you can’t take care of your toys, they will get taken away. Works with kids, right?

    Honestly, what kind of parents let their 14-year-old daughter be subjected to statutory rape in their own house???

  9. Warren Jeff’s attorney is a woman, and maybe it shouldn’t make any difference, but it ticks me off that she so willingly defends a bastard child rapist.

    I just noticed that you commented here! Not ignoring you.

    Yeah, I saw that and it ticked me off. The attorney said, at one point, that there was a big difference between being unhappy in a marriage and being raped. Um… she’s freakin 14. She’s not just having a little spat with her husband; she’s being raped with the consent of her family and at the urging of her minister.

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