Posted by: bridget | 17 September 2007

So Much Blogging, So Little Time…

…add your own sarcasm and commentary in the comments section. :)

Happy Constitution Day!

OJ Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas after he and five armed men robbed sports memorabilia dealers in their hotel room, at gunpoint. Sorry, OJ: what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas, although you might stay there.

The Worst Generation (sorry, Neil, Tammi, et al) lives up (down?) to its name: adults in the 34 to 55 year old age bracket have are five times as likely to die from an overdose of illicit drugs as they were in 1975; are 30% more likely to die in accidents and suicides than those aged 15 to 19; and are responsible for half of new HIV diagnoses.

Hillary Clinton unveils her health care plan. All Americans would be required to have insurance. That sounds great until you consider the costs. An individual Blue Cross/Blue Shield HMO plan in the New York area costs $812/month ($9,750/year); POS plans cost $1,357.68/month ($16,292 annually). Family coverage costs $29,250 annually for a HMO and $48,876 for a POS. That is about as much as many people pay for higher education.

Jack Henna got a flamingo stuck inside an airport turnstile. The pink beastie was in a 2×3 foot box when he brought it through the turnstile. Said beastie got stuck; he managed to wedge himself out. Firefighters eventually game to rescue the inadvertently caged bird, in an upgrade from the classic cat-in-tree nonsense.

What’s next for the FAA? Banning pink birds? Boxed animals? Tropical fauna? Will they confiscate flamingo pens? Will those coming from Florida be forced to turn over their flamingo shirts?



  1. Liberals=liberty ? I don’t think so…
    “All Americans would be required to have insurance.”

  2. Yeah, and visit the doctor every year….

  3. That is interesting that she is floating her plan now. Hopefully people will annihilate it quickly and expose her for the socialist / communist she is.

  4. Mandatory health coverage.

    Basically, this means, for an average couple, one spouse will have to have a job that provides health care.

    For many employers; this is an improved form of slavery. The employee has to keep working for insurance but the employer is under no obligation to provide food or shelter. And in some cases, employers no longer provide insurance if the employee becomes unable to work.

    Oh well, let them eat cake.

    Oh, by the way, I will be 56 in October. I always did think those younger people would come to no good end.

  5. Neil,

    No hope of that. Remember, she’s now “Hillary Clinton,” not “Hillary Rodham Clinton.” Next, she’ll be known the world over for her chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, and glasses of milk.

    SST – good points… I never thought about it that way. Yes, an employer would have a lot of power in that situation. They could refuse raises, demand extra hours, and the like – and people would have to do it.

    October what? I’ll wish you a happy birthday then. ;)

  6. Oct. 30

  7. The Worst Generation (sorry, Neil, Tammi, et al) lives up (down?) to its name: adults in the 34 to 55 year old age bracket

    When your kid turns 20, it gets more and more difficult to play the 29 and holding card!

  8. Am I in spam?

  9. I’ll remember that!

  10. PS – you are a mere two days away from sharing a birthday with the coolest boy in the world (my little brother). He’ll be 9.

  11. Yes, you were in spam. You are now out of it. :)

    Tammi – I thought Tieki was your sister? Or your niece? ;) Besides, you know you look great.

  12. We get that a lot :)

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