Posted by: bridget | 21 September 2007


The NY Times tasted and ranked wines for the poor starving students of the world ($10/bottle and under).  Well, maybe not specifically for starving law students, but details, details.  Yours truly will start with #3, which she found for $11.99.

Update: decant before drinking. 

God responds to Senator Ernie Chambers’ lawsuit.  He stated that free will is a crucial part of humanity; he also stated that he is not subject to the court’s jurisdiction.  (Tieki Rae has blogged about the lawsuit in question.)

Details of Hillary’s health plan.  Analysis to come soon.  (Hat tip: Stubborn Facts.)

On over-medicating (or rather, medicating at all) shy kids.  Nothing wrong with a little introversion. 

An Ohio police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave after using Taswring a woman seven times.  Now, this pachyderm sympathises with cops who have to handle unruly and violent persons in the course of their duty.  She can’t help but think, however, that anyone who had been Tasered, say, four or five times, would be a little violent and perturbed.  The incident ended when the cop hit her with a seventh stun, and she, being handcuffed, fell to the ground and was knocked unconscious.

Pachyderm prediction: reduced charges in exchange for a deal to not sue the city.



  1. Kind of off-topic, but what do you think of A.D.H.D. Bridget? Subject came up in my capacity as a teacher, since apparently it is recognized as a disability and students can get special accomodations- read near unlimited test taking time compared to their peers limited time period.

  2. Well, lack of concentration shouldn’t give on an advantage over one’s more focused peers. What next, are we to define lack of intellect (IQ below 100, say) as a special need and give accomodations accordingly?

    You asked for my opinion… yes, there are some kids with ADD or ADHD. Most of those who are “diagnosed” with it, however, are either restless kids (go figure) or have parents who are shopping a diagnosis. The kids should have to take the tests on the same time as their peers; part of test-taking is a measure of how quickly the test-taker can do the analysis. (This becomes especially important at the higher levels of academia, although it may not correlate to any special intellectual capacity or insight into the subject matter.)

    If there is a legitimate reason to give a timed test, I fail to see how that would not apply to ADHD students. If a timed test does not distinguish good students from bad, then why give one at all? You are penalising the slow writers or typists by the same.

    Incidentally, I have horrible memories of quantum mechanics in college. My prof started the exam at 3 pm, asked when the next test was (answer: 9 am) and announced that all exams would be collected by 9 am the following morning. BLAH!

  3. I’m an originalist – so my house red is Blackstone ;)

    (I’ll take a J Lohr cabinet sauvignon or a Yellowtail merlot or chardonnary, too, all of which are fairly cheap, but it’s hard to beat an Italian red – Familia Cara chianti, or a good montepulciano.)

  4. In Virginia, you can get Madison wine. :)

    Not a Yellowtail fan. Mostly, I stock up on good, cheap wine when I go to Trader Joe’s.

    Will try the Familia Cara… yum… chianti….

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