Posted by: bridget | 4 October 2007

Search Terms

Some of the stranger search terms that have been used to find this blog… gotta wonder about some people:

Kaine pardons witch miscarried

True story.  A witch caused her neighbour to  miscarry; 300 years later, Gov. Kaine pardoned her.  We never said that American justice is fast. 

americans take jobs illegals have

Of course.  Then, to be extra-super mean, we make them watch Richard Simmons. 

are guinea pigs PACHYDERMS?

No, they are RODENTS.  Your house pet is not related to the HIPPO in the zoo.

men who lost their penis

…should check the Lost and Found.  If a man happens to misplace it after a night of over-drinking, the Chinese will attach a donated one.  (One reason to not check that little box on the back of your driver’s license… you don’t know where it will end up.)

 refuting pro-abortion biblical arguments

Neil might be able to help with that.

pregnant + sex photos

As if Anne Geddes isn’t bad enough.

Ayn Rand don’t do charity

Is this a knock on Ayn Rand?  We will have words! Actually, Miss Rand had nothing against charity, so long as it was not forced (that being slavery, not charity), nor solely for the apotheosis of mediocrity.  Should the value advanced by the charity be more important to an individual than retaining wealth, charity is in one’s rational self-interest and is endorsed by the wonderful, brilliant Ayn Rand. 

pro-choice arguments

SUCKERS!  Hee hee hee…


If at first you don’t succeed, try again?  This blog is not a Magic 8 ball nor marital counseling arena.

nesty sex

This blog is rated G. Now, the pachyderm is the biggest nester going (and suffers from a horrible addiction to Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and BB&B), but nesty sex?  She doesn’t even know how that would happen. Come to think of it, she doesn’t want to, either.

taurus men and divorce

Ford drivers or those born between late April and late May?  The pachyderm is intrigued about this connection between astrology and divorce.  According to, Tauruses are unlikely to divorce.  Not much said about those born under the sign of the god of war, however. 



  1. this was my search term in google just an hour ago. “Mr. T’s commandments lyrics” Don’t ask.

  2. “A witch caused her neighbour to miscarry; 300 years later, Gov. Kaine pardoned her. We never said that American justice is fast.”

    Came a little late, eh?

    And what exactly is “nesty” sex?

  3. Chance,

    I won’t ask – still curious, though.


    Yeah, well, all things in due time.

    As for your question – no idea. I’m not sure I want to find out, either.

  4. Hey Bridget, I’ve discovered a totally awesome way to generate 100s of hits in a matter of minutes. Want to know the secret. Mention these words in your post title and use these words as a tag. Ready? Write these down.

    Ron Paul.

    Wow, it is attracting some great- and by great I mean crazy- comments and it’s only been up 45 minutes.

  5. Oh man, my search terms hit a new level of disturbing:

    prenatal gay aroused

    Kids these days….

    I’ll meander over to your blog.

  6. Well, I’m trying to catch up on some reading and thought I’d check and see what search terms are being used to find my blog. I know you’ll find this shocking:


  7. (Laughing) That’s good. :)

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