Posted by: bridget | 7 October 2007

All the Racism Fit to Print

Oh my.  How many falsehoods and racial stereotypes can one Leftist cram into an Op-Ed?  Maureen Dowd’s newest column is her imaginary version of Justice Thomas’s mind and psyche.  First, Anita was telling the truth:

I did what I had to do and I didn’t care if it ruined A.’s life. I didn’t even care if people thought it was obscene.  I knew I was misusing my position, but I enjoyed having that kind of raw power over A. and saying the things I said. It made me tingle all over. I’m not going to deny that.

So much for journalistic ethics – Ms. Dowd, with a few finger flicks on her keyboard, asserted that he knowingly lied – and enjoyed it.  The part about “tingling all over” is a little creepy – anyone care to explain the sexual insinuation? 

Well, Justice Thomas is a black man, so Ms. Dowd can’t resist the opportunity to remind him that he’s not smart enough to get where he is now, but for race:

Your Yale law degree isn’t worth 15 cents when everyone assumes you got special treatment because of the color of your skin, when, really, it was the witless Wonder Bread elites who got special treatment because of the color of their daddy’s money.

Well, yes, Ms. Dowd: affirmative action taints every potential recipient, qualified or not.  Then again, Ms. Dowd makes this point herself a few paragraphs later:

But when Poppy’s whim was to crown his son — one of those privileged Yale legacy types I always resented — I had to repay The Man for putting me on the court even though I was neither qualified nor honest.

“[N]either qualified nor honest.”  Well, Thomas had been on the D.C. Circuit since 1990, and was appointed in 1991.  His law degree is from Yale.  Does this remind anyone of John Roberts, who was put on the D.C. Circuit a mere 18 months before his elevation to the Supreme Court – and the role of Chief Justice at that?  So when a white conservative has been on the bench for 18 months and has a Harvard Law degree, he’s qualified.  When a black man has been on the bench for a year and has a Yale Law degree, he’s unqualified. 

Nice racism, Maureen!  Oh, wait, here you go again:

I know it wasn’t what my hero Atticus Finch would have done. But having the power to carjack the presidency and control the fate of the country did give me that old X-rated tingle.

…because black men are horny jerks?  Again, with the sexual insinuations. 

Well, Maureen, you’ve just told us that black men aren’t qualified to get into Yale Law; that Justice Thomas is a horn dog, and that Anita Hill (contrary to the opinion of the Senate) was telling the truth. Thanks, Maureen, for reminding the world that the only vestiges of racism left in America are those that come from Manhattan-dwelling liberals.



  1. Actually I think Thomas Magnus was on the D.C. Circuit for just under sixteen months at the time he was nominated, and for about nineteen-and-a-half months at the time he took his seat on the high court. Don’t minimize his experience, you Thomas hater! (j/k) Then again, my source is Wikipedia, so… grain of salt, you know.

    Love the blog, btw.

  2. I bet my former law professor got a kick out of this. He is one of (if not the) few academics that have gotten close to Thomas- he even wrote a biography of Thomas that was quite good.

    I will email this article to him, have to see if he has seen it.

  3. AJWHR – I wouldn’t be surprised. Justice Thomas was nominated in July of 1991; I couldn’t find out when he was appointed to the D.C. Cir. bench.

    Thank you for stopping in and reading. :)

    TT – Do you have the title of the bio? The article made me kind of ill… do you really dislike this prof and want to improve his gag reflex?

  4. My former professors biography page can be found here

    The name of his book is, _First Principles: The Jurisprudence of Clarence Thomas_

    I would also suggest you read another book he wrote, I think you will like it.

    _To Secure These Rights: The Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Interpretation_

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