Posted by: bridget | 10 October 2007

Tired, Overworked Elephants

Apologies for the reduced blogging recently.  Giving blood => narcoleptic elephant.  “4L” year of law school => busy elephant.  Throw into the mix a year-long project that suddenly got a “next week” deadline, working, playing car mechanic, and whipping the vast, right-wing conspiracy into shape => no blogging time.

In unrelated news, a very happy 50th anniversary of publication to Atlas Shrugged. :)



  1. I was hoping you would blog on this…

    How exactly is informing businesses that their employees social security numbers don’t exist (i.e. fraudulent) something that a judge can stop?

    Here is the judge’s reasoning:

    “Breyer said the new work-site rule would likely impose hardships on businesses and their workers.”

    Yeah, it is MUCH harder when you aren’t allowed to break the law and hire people who don’t even have a real social security number. Geesh.

  2. Ya know… only you would assign a fellow blogger work to a post entitled “Tired, Overworked Elephants.”

    Actually, I saw that on the front of the WaPo in Starbuck’s today. (You have NO IDEA how happy I was to go to Starbucks. Serious civilisation/caffeine withdrawal.)

  3. “Tired, Overworked Elephants.””

    Is this some kind of PETA post about the cruelty of circuses?

  4. ::Glares::: I’m tired. I’m overworked.

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