Posted by: bridget | 22 October 2007

Sox and Socks – One Won, One Given Away

The pachyderm apologises for her lack of blogging as of late.  She hopes y’all will forgive this native Bostonian, though – after all, it’s October, and the Sox had a fantastic 11-2 victory over Cleveland.  World Series, here we come! :)


In other news, Hillary Rodham(?) Clinton gave away Socks at the end of her hubby’s presidency.  (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.)  Let’s ask: what is more heartless than dumping a pet – the one who meows at you, asks for pets, and is generally a super-adorable, low-maintenance member of the family?  Does this woman have a soul?



  1. Congrats to your stupid red sox…

    yah, she has a soul. It’s colored black.

  2. May I ask what you have against the Sox?

  3. they beat the Cardinals three years ago… hehe. I’m a radical St. Louis sports fan, so old grudges die hard.

    Oh, well… it’s better than the yankees!

  4. But… 86 years! 86 years of suffering, misery, and waiting. I’m sorry that y’all had to be the team going against us at the time, but really, it was our time.

  5. You’re a sox fan? I could deal with the atheism, but a sox fan? Blleccckkkk!!!

    I am so disappointed in you. HA!

  6. Oh, we are going to have WORDS!

    I’m from Boston. I can’t help it – there’s something in that dirty water that inspires a die-hard love of those men in Fenway.

  7. Yeah Sox ! oh yeah..How’s about those Pats ? As far as the kitty I actually saw some debate that it went to a loving home of a former WH staffer and that it isn’t still alive due to old age. I think the Sox thing is a better headline.

  8. “May I ask what you have against the Sox?”

    I have nothing against the Sox, I’m glad they won the series, so that my Rockies will have a bigger giant to slay!

  9. Yeah Sox ! oh yeah..How’s about those Pats ?

    It’s a good time to be a Boston sports fan.

    My dad said, in winter ’05 (shortly after the Sox World Series win, not long after the tsunami, and immediately after the Patriot’s Super Bowl win):

    All we do is win up here. It gets rather mundane. I pity the little people whose lives are full of losing. I think of them as pseudo-tsunami victums, who were unfortunate to be in the path of our Title-wave.

    Ah, for Boston’s heyday.

  10. Chance – we’ll see about that. Our boys are excited, coming off the thrashing of the Indians and the comeback. Don’t forget, after they nearly lost to the Yankees (and barely won the games they won), and pulled off the comeback of a lifetime, they ran over St. Louis in four games straight. It was a thing of beauty.

    (Sorry, Washed & Forgiven.)

  11. ‘s okay, bromo… we got ours last year, remember?

  12. So you can’t be upset with us for taking it in ’04. That was our year. That was the year of Tessie, Reverse the Curse ice cream, Damon & Manny in the outfield with “1918” across their backs, the kid who lived in Babe’s house and got a baseball to the nose – that was totally, utterly our year. You got yours two years later.

  13. Lol…I love your humor!

  14. Thank you, Diana. :)

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