Posted by: bridget | 26 October 2007


The Boston Globe details how Red Sox faithful are sleep-deprived this (so far wonderful and joyous) post-game season.  Elephant in the room: games start at 8 pm, and the first pitch is usually thrown out around 8:30.  Does anyone seriously expect that even a normal-length game will end at a decent hour?  Please – let’s move game time back to 7:00 and let the Sox faithful get some rest. 


For those of you with fond memories of the Boston-NYC Chinatown buses: there’s a new player in the market!  Move over, Acela: Vamoose is offering free Wi-Fi and guaranteed seating on its NYC-Boston route.  The $22 price tag is also significantly cheaper than the $97 for Acela.


In more Red Sox news: after Jacoby Ellsbury stole a base during last night’s Red Sox game, Taco Bell will be offering everyone in America a free crunchy beef seasoned taco on 30 October from 2-5 pm.  (Steal a base, steal a taco.)  Sadly, no word on whether or not vegetarians can request alternatives – perhaps Taco Bell could take a page out of Chick-Fil-A’s book.


The Georgia Supreme Court ruled that Genarlow Wilson’s 10-year prison sentence violated the prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.  Mr. Wilson was 17 when he had consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl.  He was punished under child sex abuse statutes in 2003.  A year later, the Georgia legislature changed the law so as to not criminalise consensual sexual activity between teenagers, but declined to make it retroactive so as to exculpate Mr. Wilson.



  1. I posted something you might enjoy

    See you there!

  2. Aii… it appears theo needs reminding that they are watching these games in mountain time, too. So if they started the games at 7 Eastern time, it’d only be 5 mountain time… which would probably tick off a lot of Rockies fans… which I also know theo cares nothing about! ;) That said, I agree, the games start too late.

  3. Washed,

    Then why not have Boston games at 7 pm our time, and Rockies games at 7 pm your time? That way, home team gets to see their team at a reasonable hour.

  4. A little something for you Bridget

  5. Oh, presents! Thank you! :)

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