Posted by: bridget | 27 November 2007

Caving into Peer Pressure

Since everyone else is doing it, elephants should, too.  A woman in Britain has aborted her child on the grounds that, if it were allowed to live, its carbon footprint would contribute to the destruction of the earth.  Yes, abortion is the new eco-friendly status symbol.

Not much new to contribute to the discussion.  Apparently, Ms. Vernelli deems her carbon footprint to be acceptable, while that of her fetus is unacceptable.  Ms. Vernelli discounts, unilaterally, the possibility that her offspring could have been a scientist who would invent and develop energy-saving technologies, a politician who would promote green measures, or a member of a university recognised and feted for its pioneering work in reducing its energy consumption. 

This action – premised upon the idea that a human’s very existence is unacceptable – is functionally and morally indistinguishable from China’s forced-abortion policy.  It’s one thing to eat organic rabbit food and buy a hybrid; it is quite another matter to dictate whether another human may live based on one’s personal preference for the temperature of the Earth.  (We ought to be thankful that normal roommates don’t take this attitude with regards to setting the thermostat of one’s apartment…)



  1. I used to think I loved the Internet. But the more I read, the more I am disheartened by the sheer stupidity of some folks out there. (Meaning those fools who are aborting babies to “save the planet.”

    I like your comments about the aborting mother deeming her carbon footprint to be acceptable, and that the aborted child might be the one who would have won a Nobel for actually helping the environment (unlike AG who only talked about it).

    People have an amazing ability to rationalize bad behavior. So now abortion — which is nearly always bad — is good for the green.


  2. There is a bit of a movement that subscribes to this zero population/green stuff. I had a post once trying to help people commit eco friendly suicide (it was meant to be funny). CO was out,public acts were out due to emergency response (more co) hanging but only with hemp no nylon,shark attack but don’t supersize your trans fat laden last meal etc. Nutty
    As for her being sterile that’s good.

    According to National Grid, Tufts is saving $613,745.18 annually

    Does that mean tuition is going down ?? Your post was excellent,hope my comment doesn’t drag the curve down. Take care

  3. Good point about what her child might have accomplished. Perhaps those who would have cured cancer, AIDS, etc. have all been aborted.

  4. Vance,

    I think that Tully made the point best – he said that people refuse to take their policies to their rational conclusion, even when he volunteers to pay for the plastic bag and rubber band, and take said items to the recycling center after use.

    I agree with your point about rationalising bad behaviour. Sounds more like an excuse….

  5. In2theFray,

    Shamelessly self-promote, if you would like… drop a link to that post. :)

    As for the brown&blue going green… I don’t think they would lower tuition… maybe just not increase it quite as much. With 5,000 undergrads and a zillion grad students, I’m not sure how far $641,000 would go… they might be better off putting it all towards financial aid.

  6. Neil,

    Very true. Of course, it’s more likely that they would have been criminals (there having been many, many criminals and no people who have cured cancer), but we shouldn’t determine one’s worth based on the average worth of all human beings. It makes much more sense, though, to have the kid and bring him up to be a person who would cure cancer, AIDS, or develop environmentally-friendly technology. Heck, he might even be the kid in his third grade class who bugs the teacher into recycling and does a class project on the environment, which would help other people to be eco-friendly.

    I find it incredible that the same people who think that Al Gore has helped the environment by encouraging others to be green (while being the colour of toxic sludge himself) are the same people who would abort a child because it would have a carbon footprint. Couldn’t you just as easily rationalise that your child might grow up to be someone whose total carbon contribution would be negative, given some desire to advocate environmentally-friendly policies? Sheesh.

  7. Well at least she is now sterilized. I would send her a thank you note for removing her weak willed genes from the gene pool if I knew where she lived.

    I can admire her for sterilizing herself, but to kill your child because you fall victim to ridiculous climate alarmism is insane.

    Think about this though. What about ten or twenty years from now when none of this scaremongering proves out. What will she be thinking?

  8. […] Read the Pachyderm’s take. #arkayne { clear: both; }_title = ‘true’;_title_text = ‘Related Articles’;_title_font = […]

  9. TT,

    Good point. :)

    As for the scaremongering – I think it will continue. If it’s global cooling, there will be some new, wacky theory that for some reason does not involve the greatest heat source in our solar system: the sun.

    It’s odd, because a greater population leads to more efficiencies – think the efficiency of NYC, with 700-sq. ft. apartments and public transportation, and advancing technology results in less, not more, pollution (compare Victorian England with modern England, for example). I’m not saying that kids are necessarily good for the environment, just that we ought to be focused on sane methods of dealing with environmental issues instead of killing each other off.

  10. PS – In2theFray – I posted the Tufts link, not just because I’m an overly proud Jumbo, but because it highlights the fact that a lot of environmental policies are very energy-efficient. The savings associated with new technologies may exceed the development costs.

    Free markets have a wonderful way of solving these problems… eco-hysteria and abortion be damned.

  11. Bridget…..interesting post. Don’t you just love the logic of the Liberals? I like your comment here:

    “Apparently, Ms. Vernelli deems her carbon footprint to be acceptable, while that of her fetus is unacceptable.”

    I wonder if Al Gore would consider her part of his Green Crowd since she is helping Global Warming and Population Control in one step, and to think accomplishing both of those goals while supporting abortion. This woman should be made President of NOW…………..steve

  12. (Laughing) I like your last line. So very true.

  13. I agree about the private sector/capitalism cure for enviro issues. They trump alarmism anyday. Along those lines am I the only one that remembers how the left reviled Reagans pollution offset credit thing yet today if it’s trademarked AlGore it’s all good.
    That post I mentioned w/ previous families equal eco terror…

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