Posted by: bridget | 1 December 2007

Tagged By Chance

Chance tagged this elephant for a meme (no, happenstance and Fortune did not visit her today).  Now, she’s pretty boring, and she might have done this before, but are seven random facts about her:

  1. She inadvertently followed in the footsteps of John Galt, Ragnar Danneskjöld, and Francisco d’Anconia in her choice of collegiate majors. 
  2. Her friends have likened her to Julia Stiles’ character in 10 Things I Hate About You.
  3. She harbours dreams of giving up law in favour of becoming a secret agent/assassin who would dispatch of the enemy ubermensch via strangulation with her long, red hair. 
  4. She never cared for dolls growing up. 
  5. She owns a slide rule.  Her physics teacher laughed when she used it in lieu of a four-function calculator on exams.
  6. As a New Englander of Luxembourgian descent, she’s genetically programmed to have a love on for chocolate Gran Marnier ice cream.
  7. She has loads of work to do. ;)  (How’s that for a good response #7?)

Tagging others: Tammi, Tieki, Total Transformation, and anyone else whose moniker begins with “T.”  The Queen of Swords should give has given some fabulous answers, if as the practice of law will has let her induldge in some frivolity. 

Please consider the comments to be open.



  1. Well, my blog has been down for over 24 hours. Therefore, I will have to complete this meme in your comment section. K?

    1. I typically cannot stand the Missouri Tigers, but I’m cheering for them tonight against OU, who I typically like. Long story.

    2. I purchased an ornament today for an ornament exchange party tomorrow night, and Ted talked me into packing it in miniature marsh mellows.

    3. I drive a cool pickup

    4. My daughter will be home for Christmas break in 12 days. :) Yay!!!

    5. I think it would be fun to have an elephant visit Wyoming and have a sleepover at my house.

    6. My dogs are both wearing bandannas.

    7. I am spending Christmas in Nebraska. :)

  2. Why am I not surprised that you drive a pick-up? I mean, sure, you’re in Wyoming, and it’s a very practical car for Wyoming, but I think you could live in Boston and drive a pick-up. ;)

    Awww…. Daisy and Harley must look adorable. Are they Christmas bandanas? With cute reindeer and trees, or are they “holiday” bandanas from Petsmart? ;)

    Have fun in Nebraska!

    I like the idea of an ornament exchange party. :) Hum… might have to work on that. Much better than a Yankee swap, where everything is hit-or-miss (and if it’s a hit, someone else takes it from you). ;)

    Will Tieki be at the March for Life in January? There’s also a SFL of America conference the prior weekend.

    If I’m ever near Wyoming, I’ll definitely sleep over. I would have gone through your way on my return trip from sunny California, had I not gone the southern route to see the lovely Queen of Swords.

  3. PS. If your site stays down for a while, you can guest-blog over here.

    (This is not an entirely selfless offer. I get the benefit of reading what you write. :) )

  4. Hi Bridget,
    Yes! I would drive my pickup in Boston. :)

    Harley is wearing a Wheels of Freedom bandanna and Daisy is wearing a bright yellow one that she won a couple years back at a dog competition for being the fastest dog in her class. Harley won his class too. No holiday bandannas for these yayhoos.

    I’m not sure where all Tieki will be in January. I just know she’ll be here until the 17th or so.

    Surely you want to visit Yellowstone National Park someday? We are right on the way. However, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to find any chocolate Gran Marnier ice cream. We can give it a whirl though!

  5. You’re back online! :) Yay!

    The conference is on the 20th, I think, and the march is on the 22d. I checked her academic calendar, and classes start on the 21st. I’m taking it that missing the first two days of class, even for a ruckus around D.C. with the vast, right-wing conspiracy (including a law student who would love to be her surrogate older sister), is just bad form. :(

  6. Thanks, but someone else already got me.

  7. Thanks, but someone else already got me.

    Now, to me, this just means that you list 14 little known facts about yourself instead of 7. :)

    Bridget — you should email her. I think she flies back east on the 17th? Sounds like a blast. :)

  8. I agree with Tammi. :)

    I’ll email Tieki. I’ll look into lodging in D.C. – not sure what we are doing yet, but I have a bunch of friends there.

  9. Your yankee swap party sounds a lot like what we call a white elephant party. You pick an order at random. Each person in turn selects a wrapped present. He or she can either keep the present or swap it for one of the presents opened earlier. At the end, the first person to open a present (who of course had no option to swap) gets final choice and can swap for any of the other presents. Traditionally, you wrap up and bring to this party the most hideous thing in your house that you’ve been trying to get rid of for years. I once wound up with a framed plastic relief sculpture of some Balinese girl. I’ve really got to find another white elephant party to go to this year and get rid of it…

  10. I think the idea of a Yankee swap is to get something you might actually like. Scratch tickets are very popular. ;)

    The white elephant party sounds like fun. My family once got a hideous crystal something as a Christmas present. We had no idea what it was – this weird raised bowl on a sort-of-pedastal thing. Do you put cherries in it? Anyway, the ‘rents decided that it would be the “Phile Cup,” turned it into a trophy, and gave it away at the annual New Year’s party in Cape Cod as an award for most outrageous behaviour. The tradition kept going for about five or six years.

  11. Hmmm …. where’s Tieki’s meme?

  12. No idea. :)

  13. PS – Total Transformation still hasn’t come up with his additional seven comments.

    :p pppptttt to him!

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