Posted by: bridget | 6 December 2007

Search Terms, Part III

You have to wonder about some people.  Part III of the search term extravaganza:

how can a pachyderm be pink?

Two ways: 1. If it eats a lot of alpha- and beta-carotene (they are really like flamingos, just with tusks). 2. If you drink too much, you’ll see pink elephants.  The big question here: is this person trying to make rose-tinted elephants and hippos, or did he see them and wonder how they came into the world?

women are 80% more likely to do this?

No clue.  None at all.  (Dear readers,  please feel free to speculate in the comments section.)

indianapolis whores

Who really goes to Indianapolis to look for that kind of a good time?  (Simon, who has a love on for Midwestern women, may file a partial dissent.)

what sea animals are pachyderms? [and] are dolphins pachyderms?

Hippos are considered to be pachyderms, but aren’t exactly sea animals. This blogger is a bit of a sea creature herself, having a love on for surfing, swimming, and sailing, but our biologically-disoriented googler probably was not looking for that as an answer.

edible Jesus

The term you’re looking for is “Eucharist.”  If you’re looking for the vile story about the chocolate Jesus, it can be found here.

why are women so picky?

“Picky” is both relative and terribly pejorative.  We just don’t take the approach of, to borrow a turn of phrase from a certain AW, “My standards are so low, people think I have fetishes.”

pacaderm spelling

Pachyderm.  (Wow, this one was a lot easier than that women/80% question!)

Legal Sea Foods childlabor

They put the guppies to work.  Beats becoming dinner, though.

definition of kavorka

Gee, thanks, TotalT.  :p  You’re definitely to blame for this one.



  1. “My standards are so low, people think I have fetishes.”

    OMG, that’s priceless!

  2. You’ll have to let him know that. The gentleman in question is a fellow law student, blog stalker, and infrequent (sadly) commenter.

  3. “women are 80% more likely to do this?”

    Pee sitting down!!!! What do I win?

    “Gee, thanks, TotalT. :p You’re definitely to blame for this one.”

    No problem, don’t mention it. Always happy to give you terms that people find worthy of searching. Here are a few more….

    [redacted] (they spell it wrong so I will too), [redaced] milkshakes, dog [redacted], singing grannies, [redacted], and finally worlds wildest police [redacted]. Enjoy the hits. Seriously, let me know if anyone finds you with one of these terms. HA!

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