Posted by: bridget | 15 December 2007


Quick study break post, then on to Fed Jur.*

The hurricane season has ended.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted a higher-than-normal season, with 13-16 named storms, 7-9 hurricanes, and 3-5 major hurricanes (here).  There were an average number of storms this season, and they were exceptionally short-lived (lowest average duration in the past 30 years). (Here.)  Cooler water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean contributed to this phenomenon.

In other news, the Midwest and the Northeast are digging themselves out from underneath piles of snow.  (How does the shoveling, In2theFray?) Cool water in the Pacific; snowstorms blanketing half the nation – who wants to complain about global cooling?  Takers?


Snow, Santas in speedos, and alcohol – sounds like an interesting combination.  Apparently, Bostonians forgot how to drive in the snow; have they gone soft up North? 


Tact doesn’t come only on two legs, people (here).  First of all, never bring along uninvited guests.  It’s impolite to expect your hostess to reconfigure her social gathering around your choice of companions.  Kids, dogs, undesirable insignificant others – names are enumerated on the invitation as a limited list for permission, not a suggestion.  Second, do not bring along badly-behaved guests (good behaviour does not preclude responsibility under Rule 1, please note).  Here’s a keeper:

“The first thing Dude did was jump into the outdoor pond,” Sally said. “He shakes off on the grass lawn, then promptly heads inside and leaps onto the white couches, leaving a trail of pond scum. Then he runs outside, jumps onto one of the dining chairs, jumps on the table and helps himself to the hors d’oeuvres and fillet.”

It’s not cute when people, kids, dogs, or pet boa constrictors do it.  Do not bring anyone to a social gathering who cannot meet the etiquette standards of the occasion. 


*At least it comes with its own study song.



  1. I got to jump in. The shoveling is going,this last bit is wetter and heavier, but it’s exercise right ?
    As for Bostonians forgetting how to drive.The government and the meteorologists got everyone on the roads. Calling for businesses to release employees and stirring hysteria respectively. The result = everyone was on the roadways except the plows.Keep studying you pachyderm.

  2. My inbox told me that Finale had a special for those willing to brave the elements. :(

    To think that I missed it….

    Oh, I can imagine the hysteria. It must have been like rush hour, just worse.

    Do you happen to remember December or January, 03 or 04, respectively, when the entire city shut down over an inch of snow? It got all icy right during rush hour, and it took people five or six hours to get into work via 128. I moseyed in through the front door at 10, thinking that I would be in huge trouble for being late, only to find out that most everyone was still stuck in traffic. One of my friends said that people abandoned their cars and walked to Dunkin Donuts and Honeydew Donuts. Other people ran out of gas. Fun times….

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how thoughtless people can be when they are invited to others’ homes, or to events. My biggest pet peeve: people who bring squalling infants to weddings. How on EARTH could anyone, ever think that is acceptable?

  4. My biggest pet peeve: people who bring squalling infants to weddings. How on EARTH could anyone, ever think that is acceptable?

    Because if the bride will have children of her own someday and understand then. Because you couldn’t find a babysitter. Because we were all kids once. Because weddings are family events.

    The list of excuses is long, exhaustive, and full of b.s.. The notion of being someone’s guest, and therefore under etiquitte obligations, is out of fashion.

    My parents took us to nice restaurants when we were kids, but we were told that they were adult places and therefore, we had to act like adults. There was not this idea of changing the event to suit our needs.

    Frankly, I’m still appalled at the dog thing. I ove dogs, and it pisses me off that people would have them and not train them to behave themselves. Of course, no matter how well they are trained, you don’t bring them unless it’s a doggie party.

  5. I just got an e-mail from Robert Kennedy bemoaning global warming. What were the horrible consequences of global warming he lamented? Song birds near his home that normally don’t stay this late in the season. Oh God, SAVE US ALL!

  6. TT,

    The real question: why are you on Robert Kennedy’s email list to begin with? Hum….?

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