Posted by: bridget | 2 January 2008

Happy New Year!

A very happy New Year, and best wishes in 2008, to my blog-readers. :)

It has been wonderful to get to “know” y’all during the past year – many thanks. This blog was a lowly, unread being in December of 2006 (by which time exactly one person that this blogger did not know IRL had bothered to leave a comment) and is now a flippery fish or a crawly amphibian, depending on the day.  There are fond memories of February 2007, when this Hank character gathered together a group of like-minded bloggers; of May 2007, when a few stubborn types began to appear; and the fall of 2007, when all sorts of law students began to read.  Happy New Year. :)

Comments are open.  Feel free to ruckus about, post resolutions, and leave all sorts of off-topic links.



  1. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year! It is interesting how many of us came together. I wish Hank were still blogging!

  3. Happy New Year.

    Good luck with your final semester of law school!

  4. Poor Hank. May he rest in peace. ;)

  5. Happy New Year to you too Bridget! Yes, it seems like many of us met through Hank.

    It’s been fun getting to know you and I’m looking even more forward to 2008!

  6. Wait—-what happened to Hank?

  7. Hank just walked away from blogging. I emailed him once to check on him and he said he was busy or something. He was so good at it – I wish he’d come back!

  8. You know, I wonder how many blogggers are still going today, and have met, and are part of a blog ring, all either directly or indirectly because of Hank’s meteoric stint as a blogger. He was truly awesome, and one of the first people to link to me, for which I am truly grateful. (Hehe, sounds like he’s dead.)

    Poor Bridget… all we can do is talk about Hank.

  9. (laughing)

    Hey, I said comments were open, right? :)

    As for how many of us met because of Hank: he was the first person I had not known in real life to become a regular blog-reader. I then read his blog, and found y’all. It snowballed from there… so I would guess quite a few.

    AF Enviro – I owe you a call.

    Vance – thank you. :)

  10. Happy New Year. Good luck with the studies. Good job in the comments on the CIGNA post at Fitness. for the willing I’m trying to get some comments on an image viewable here In case anyone is willing to share.

  11. Yeah, last time I was instant messaging with Hank, his laptop was broken due to hitting it when he lost a chess match online. :)

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