Posted by: bridget | 12 January 2008

What Would Your Patronus Be?

Borrowed from the Queen of Swords – a What Would Your Patronus Be quiz. :)

Phoenixes of the world, unite!  (All patronuses are here.)  (Okay, this blogger needed some totally irreverent blog-subjects after the past few days.)



  1. Pachyderm, if you can get on IM please do bc I really need your reassurance right now!! Freaking out. . . .aaaahhhh!

  2. My lack of knowledge regarding Harry Potter may have skewed my results. I came out as an Otter, but that was random guesses with the Harry Potter questions. :-S

  3. Oh, and I do not have my phone. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Okay, okay, I figured out how to put AIM Express on this computer and I’m IMing you. You are ignoring me. :p ppptttt

  5. The quiz said my patronus would be an otter, but since my favorite animal is the bear, let’s just say that my patronus is a bear.

  6. Mine was a Phoenix. I was expecting something more along the line of a cheese pizza. I wonder if pig was a possibility.

    Thanks for the link.

  7. Sometime, SST, you’ll tell us about the pigs. I mean, this has to be good (like the mechanical deer and box turtle crossing rules).

    You’re welcome, and pass the thanks along to the Queen of Swords. :)

  8. Jamelle,

    You clearly are not a quiz aficionado. You should naturally re-take the quiz, modifying one answer at a time, until you reach the “bear” stage. :p

  9. Phoenix for me, too.

    Go … (what is plural of phoenix?) !!

  10. Wolf here – I’m quite satisfied actually.

  11. I’ve seen both phoenices and phoenix (sort of like moose) for the plural of phoenix.

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