Posted by: bridget | 23 January 2008


Back from the March for Life. March for Life & post-Roe round-up to come… because one can hear the sound of chirping crickets from the MSM.  Ron Paul supporters were out in full force.  The Congressmen sounded like an AA meeting for the anti-abortion movement: “Hi, I’m Congressman [insert name here], and I’m pro-life.”  While D.C. did not release crowd estimates, the first marchers had reached the Supreme Court before the end of the march left the Mall. 

On an unrelated note, the U.N. warns that biofuels might hurt the environment.  Is anyone familiar with the laws of thermodynamics?  Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. 



  1. Energy woes ala that cocaine commercial. I use bio fuels because I care about the environment,yet the environment suffers still so I use more bio fuels…

  2. I didn’t know you were going to the March. Good for you. Looking forward to heaing about it.

    And congratulations to all of you Roe v. Wade survivors!

  3. I have said before that I think government subsidies are driving the development of alternate fuels in the wrong direction. It is true that ethanol production requires a lot of water, that is one reason why I think there are better alternative fuels.

    However it is not completely correct to blame the price increase of corn on alternate energy. High energy prices and probably a little greed have caused prodution costs to more than double. So the price of corn has to stay higher or farmers won’t plant it, their bankers won’t let them.

    I think there is a good chance that a lot of farmers will be forced out of business because prices still are not high enough to cover the cost of production.

    I am working on taxes and balance sheets right now, and things just don’t look very good.

  4. You know, he came in second here in NV? I think he would have done even better if we had a primary, rather than a caucus. Even so, I was happy– kook supporter that I am.

  5. Hey Bridget, how do you plan on spending your $800 rebate check? HA!

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