Posted by: bridget | 28 January 2008

Golden Capitol at the End of the Rainbow

Rainbow over the Capitol

At the end of March for Life, 22 January.  Yes, yours truly figured out how to download pictures from her cell.



  1. Whoa, what an awesome picture! And the Capitol looks like it is glowing.

  2. ahh… *points finger and whispers* weird techie girl with red hair. ;-)

  3. Neil ~ Thank you. :) I didn’t know that the Capitol would come out so… gold. :) I was mostly entranced with the huge rainbow and the light on the trees. Heck, had I known it would have come out that well, I would have walked down to the end of the sidewalk and gotten a real picture, without tour buses in the way! :)

    W&F ~ hee hee. I’m technologically incompetent. :)

  4. At the risk of exposing my age. When I first read the caption I though it was great that you got the picture out, but I wondered why you were in the cell.

    OK, I get it, I still have not figured out how to take pictures with mine yet.

  5. but I wondered why you were in the cell.

    D.C. isn’t that liberal – they don’t arrest peaceful marchers. :)

  6. God was sending you a message Bridget. ;-)

  7. Amazingly sweet picture. I cannot believe that came off your cell phone. Great work Captain!

  8. Thank you, Tammi! :)

    John – really? He ought to know that I communicate primarily via email. :)

  9. “He ought to know that I communicate primarily via email.”

    I don’t think Moses expected the bush, nor Balaam the donkey. ;-) Create a world, populate it, and express all kinds of love and forgiveness even if your creation runs amuck, AND THEN you can pick the medium of communication. HA!

  10. Hey Bridget, did you know you made the list of fastest growing blogs on WordPress?! Congrats.

  11. ROFL. Fine, fine.

    No, I didn’t. Where did you see that?

  12. It was on my Dashboard page on the right hand column.

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  14. Yes, definitely a great picture. It’s a sign from God!

    Who knows the sign?

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