Posted by: bridget | 7 February 2008

Taking One For The Team

For those living without an internet connection for the past three hours: Mitt Romney has suspended his campaign. He hopes that this will enable the Republican party to gear up for the race against the Democrats:

“In this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror. This is not an easy decision. I hate to lose,” the former Massachusetts governor said.

“If this were only about me, I’d go on. But it’s never been only about me. I entered this race because I love America, and because I love America, in this time of war I feel I have to now stand aside for our party and for our country.”

What a great guy.  This all took  place at this weekend’s CPAC conference.  The crowd booed Romney’s mention of McCain.  (This might have something to do with the fact that McCain shunned CPAC last year.) 

Hello, McCain!  Your base hates you.  They are all hoping for a kangaroo ticket (back end stronger than the front end).  They wake up every morning and think, “Maybe John McCain will have a disabling heart attack on 21 January 2009.” Our biggest fear is that you’ll win in 2008 and then fail to step aside for your party and try to run again in 2012.  The pro-lifers don’t like you; the fiscal conservatives don’t like you; the people who believe in the Constitution don’t like you.  Any conservative group left that this blogger missed?

Update: “Ahead of his big Thursday speech, McCain sent a letter to the Federalist Society, an influential conservative group. In it he promises to nominate ‘judges who understand that their role is to faithfully apply the law as written, not impose their opinions through judicial fiat.'” 

Rudi Giuliani said the exact same thing.   Sigh.



  1. What do you wanna bet Huckabee ends up his VP?

  2. Oh please oh please oh please let Thompson be the VP.

    I need to think more about the McCain thing before making Coulter-like statements. NFW (no fun way) I’m voting for Hillary.

    Just saw a good quote re. McCain: A second-class fireman is better than a first class arsonist.

  3. TT if Romney had stayed in I would’ve said your bet was radioactive,couldn’t go against it. I still think you’ve got a winner,and America gets a pair of losers.
    Americas future is more than the next four years so the McCain instead of a “real” Dem isn’t that crucial. The Dems will hold Congress so even if McCain won he won’t get much done and won’t get judges you’d want. See you in 2012

  4. oops loved the post btw theo

  5. “The Dems will hold Congress so even if McCain won he won’t get much done and won’t get judges you’d want”

    Don’t forget though that McCain can still get compromise justices which are better than the judges you will get with President Clinton working together with a Democratically controlled congress. And remember, once those judges are seated, there is no getting them off.

  6. BTW swing by my blog tomorrow when I will have posted my prediction for the coming year, decade, and two decades. ;-)

  7. Fiscal conservatives don’t like John McCain? There are fiscal conservatives in the Republican party? You mean the people who cheer for tax cuts and then let China buy our debt? Hmmm.

  8. TT,

    I hope not. A smart choice for VP, IMHO, would be Ron Paul – he’ll excite the pro-lifers (4,000 babies delivered, addressed the March, etc), the libertarians, the fiscal conservatives, and the young folks.

    There’s talk of a Clinton/Obama ticket, if the primaries don’t show a clear winner. I wouldn’t be surprised, and, IMHO, it would be a winner. Nothing we have can fight that – people would be too excited to get the woman and the young black man in the White House.

  9. Neil,

    I like that quote. Sigh. I don’t trust McCain to do the right thing by the party. I do trust Romney to, which is why I’m disappointed. (Romney, IMHO, showed his ability to put the party first instead of running Huck into the ground and trying to defeat McCain in a long, drawn-out, draining battle.)

  10. In2theFray,

    Americas future is more than the next four years so the McCain instead of a “real” Dem isn’t that crucial. The Dems will hold Congress so even if McCain won he won’t get much done and won’t get judges you’d want. See you in 2012

    I agree re: America being about more than the next four (or eight) years. My big fear is that we’ll get a medioce President now and a mediocre one in 2012. I don’t think McCain will anoint, as his VP, for 2012 and 2016.

    Why would the Dems still control the Senate?

  11. Don… care to explain a bit more?

  12. Richardson will replace Domenici in NM for starters. Last thing I saw was the GOP would have the best chance scenario only if they win and seat the VP. My prediction Dems+2

  13. Re the dems keeping the Senate, it’s hard to see how we’d claw it back this year given the states that are in play or the climate. Hold the line, yes; increase our seats, maybe; control, no. However, I think that two years of a McCain Presidency takes Bush entirely out of the picture, and should it go well, we might be able to get back control in 2010.

  14. Oh, for joy. 2006 really did a number on us.

    2010 is a long ways away… my fear is that every liberal on the Court will retire before then. ;)

  15. I was looking at SCOTUS. Isn’t it likely that the next two to retire are liberal netting no real change to the 5-4 patheticus legale.

  16. Yeah, if we lose the next election, we haven’t changed much on the Court. If we win, though, and put another Scalia/Alito/Roberts type on, we’ve got our Court locked up for the next twenty years.

  17. Oh, I expect four resignations to be on the Resolute Desk by the end of January 20th if a Dem emerges victorious this year!

  18. Well, then, we’ll just have to get the Pres., VP, and Speaker of the House to all have simultaneous heart attacks, so we can put a Republican in office. Nine to nothing! :)

  19. I lost all respect for McCain when he rolled over and pimped for this administration, despite their attacks on his family.

    McCain says he’ll defend this country? When he wouldn’t even answer the Bush campaign’s attacks on his daughter’s legitimate place in his family?

    Yeah…right. If you can’t even defend your adopted daughter, I don’t believe that you can defend our country anymore.

    I respect his past service, and that is something nobody can take away from him…but going forward, i think the old guy has lost his nerve.

  20. Teresa,

    I agree. Military service does not a great President make.

  21. Yikes, people are talking about McCain getting a heart attack…Supreme Court justices getting a heart attack…I’m getting scared.

  22. Chance,

    You’re just getting scared NOW? I would think such talk was old way back when Pat Robertson was instructing all good Chrsitians to pray for the deaths of Supreme Court Justices.

    Andyway, McCains not getting any younger, and he’s going to have to die of something. Heart attack seems as likely as anything, given the depredations and stress his body took when he was younger.

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