Posted by: bridget | 10 February 2008

Comment of the Week

Tammi used to run Comment of the Week.  Now, she’s busy with having a real life or some other sub-par excuse, so this blogger is stealing her idea.

This week’s winner is the dialogue between Simon and Sunday School Teacher, on the subject of same-sex, inter-species relationships (specifically, Thumper/Bambi), from Search Terms:

SST: That is just weird, however, at the risk of being banned I suppose that would come under inter-species same sex relationships? I wonder if that is legal in Vermont? 

Simon: Well, at the heart of thumper’s liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of rabbit life, after all. Although that’s still downright disturbing.

SST: If Thumper is living an alternate life-style, and a fox eats him; Is that a hate crime or just lunch?

Remember how to play:

  • Go back to your own blog and find your favorite comment that someone left you
  • Copy it and bring it back here and post it in the comments of this post
  • Please feel free to link back to your blog /post where the comment took place and also the commenter’s blog.
  • Okay — please play! Show some love!
  • Keep in mind that any of these rules can be broken — they’re only guidelines

Thanks, Tammi, for allowing the blatant plagerism of your idea.  It was too good to go the way of the dodo bird. :)

Update: Considering having a rotating CotW.  Thoughts?  Anyone want to host in March or April?  Also, blog-stalkers (yes, the elephant knows who you are) can play, too. :)




  1. Lol! I think it’s just lunch. :) I love seeing comment of the week here!

    Oooo …. the plagiarism is so scandalous! Brb, I’m going to hunt for a comment to bring over. :)

  2. Oh, plagiarism is such a strong word. I prefer “confiscating without credit.”

    Here’s mine from Edgar on my Political correctness has consequences post (the first part is from the post). I like his liberals-on-their-own-island idea.

    “3. You’re transphobic if you oppose letting people go in the bathroom of their choosing. If your young daughter wonders why the bearded guy in the dress is in the women’s room, accuse her of hate speech.

    Not only is this is unbelievable, it is unlivable too.

    All these liberals should buy an island and move there. See how their experiment goes… we’ll watch from here.”

  3. Hi Bridget,

    I’ve actually got several comments I could bring over, but my battery charger is broken and my battery is dead in my cordless mouse. Do you know what that means? Well, let me tell you. It means that I’m having to use that mouse-pad thingy on my laptop that I’m not very skilled at. I guess that really proves that I’m not a computer geek? :)

    Anyway, here’s a comment from Jessica on my post on Obama:

    if it is such a hard choice why is it that so many that have abortions end up making the choice again….months later?

    Sorry it took me so long to get back here. I took a Sunday afternoon nap. :)

  4. Ummmm …. Bridget, I’m not trying to tell you how to do comment of the week, but most of the time Knut is involved?

  5. Great quote, Neil. :) I like the idea of watching from somewhere safe. :)

    Tammi, polar bear problem solved! Isn’t that a cute picture? :)

    Love the quote. Thank you for playing and allowing me to confiscate your idea. :)

  6. Awww …. that’s a cute picture of Knut. Now, all is well with comment of the week. (Except for my dead mouse battery)

  7. :) Yes, now I’ve finally gotten the hang of this plagerised idea! Once your mouse is back up and squeaking, we’ll be good to go. :)

    Maybe we can rotate CotW? I’ll host for a few weeks, then pass off to someone else… might make for a nice rotating blog-carninval thing. :)

  8. From my Thoughts on McCain and Questions for his defenders post,
    wins comment of the week with his answers to my four questions.

    1. He won’t nominate strict constructionists.
    2. He won’t secure the borders, at least until he’s created 10-20 million new Americans.
    3. He won’t do anything on the abortion issue.
    4. He won’t get my vote.

  9. I loved that response. :)

  10. Theo,

    It’s not very funny unless you read the whole comment thread, but my favorite is the one where “Borgey the wondertoad” accuses me of “harassing” the neo-nazi pop band “Prussian Blue” because I am critical of their song saying what a great guy Rudolph Hess was, and then goes on to accuse me of “intolerance” because I don’t believe his “proof” that the holocaust never happend. I’m not sure from the crazed foaming invectives, but I’m pretty sure he accused me of promoting communism in one of his comments too…

    “This was about Rudolf Hess, not the atrocitys that the Nazi’s commited.
    But since you want to go there, what atrocitys would you like to discuss?
    The gas chambers, the showers, the microwave death chambers, the vacuum chambers, the enormous under ground electricution chambers, the flaming pits, the instant vaporisation of 25,000 jews with atomic energy?
    Take you pick Teresa, the jews accused the Germans of all of those things at Nuremburg.
    They swore up and down that they had witnessed them.
    Would you like to know why they dropped all the other storys and stuck with the gas chamber storys, or are you afraid that the truth would come at you like a blood stained hurricane?”

    Some people just can’t take criticism…


  11. Oh, you asked for a link to the post and comment thread, that’s here.,guid,e6680693-1e5b-47b9-9be0-241e67f69cc1.aspx
    Borgeythewondertoad was an anonymous coward, but the sites he came from were these:

  12. ROFL. Oh, I read the entire thing. That was classic – from the Neo-Nazi bathroom, to Mr. “The Holocaust was a scam! These are nice girls singing about racial pride!” to your final remark, my favourite:

    All the hair-brained conspiracy theories you want.

    Let it all hang out Borgy.

    Let everyone decide for themselves. If you get too sick and twisted, I’ll just delete it, but otherwise, go ahead and get your paranoid on, baby.

    Thanks for that link. Wow. There are some really special people in the world, and they all love the internet. :)

  13. Theo,

    You are welcome. Thanks for the opportunity to post it!

    I’m fascinated by the viggor and virtuosity of their delusion.

    On another topic, I see that Vance is approving comments again, so he must have had a small break in whatever is holding him up…

  14. I’m up for the rotating CotW. Put me down… now if only I got more comments.

  15. Teresa,

    You’re welcome! Ooohhh… Vance is back to blogging! Sweet!


    :) Sounds good. I’ll throw you on the list… is there a list? Anyone?

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