Posted by: bridget | 15 February 2008

Drool… drool…

theobromine-chocolate-molecule.jpgIf any loyal reader ever feels the need to send chocolate to a stressed-out blogger (especially, say, at the end of July, when she’ll be studying for the bar), consider a big hunk of chocolate – in the shape of a theobromine molecule.  Perfect for the chocolate-addicted former chemical engineer in your (internet) life. (From: Khyros, molecular gastronomy.)


  1. No doubt about it…That DOES look deliciously nerdly.

  2. :) That’s a good way to put it.

  3. My older bro is on try number 5 (I believe) for the California state bar exam coming up next week.

    Best of luck to you in your studies.

  4. One of my best friends was in town to take the bar a few years ago. The night before, she got a hotel room across the street from where the test was administered. I went there, gave her a glass of wine, a shoulder/neck/scalp massage, and a half-dozen chocolate-dipped strawberries.

    Then she went to bed and slept like a baby.

    She passed the very first time.

    I take full credit.


  5. Matthew,

    Wow. I know that a bunch of people take three or four tries. Good luck to him.

    One of my friends figured out that you have to study through until you get your results; you can’t stop studying after you pass the exam. As he won’t find out if he passed until May, there isn’t enough time from May until July to study all over again.

    I won’t be tortured with bar-studying until May.


    :) I think you’re right. :)

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