Posted by: bridget | 18 February 2008

Comment of the Week

Sure, it’s a day late, but that’s what happens when your resident blogger is out of town for most of the weekend. 

 This weeks’ winner is Chance for his comment on “Happy Susan B. Anthony Day!”:

 What? She doesn’t believe that you can grab the baby, rotate it so legs come out first, pull the legs out, and stick a scissor in it’s head? How can she be a feminist? Obviously the definition of feminism has changed over time…

Remember how to play:

  • Go back to your own blog and find your favorite comment that someone left you
  • Copy it and bring it back here and post it in the comments of this post
  • Please feel free to link back to your blog /post where the comment took place and also the commenter’s blog.
  • Okay — please play! Show some love!


Side note: Knut  celebrated his first birthday in December.  (He’s a Sagittarius, if anyone is wondering.)  Happy belated birthday, fellow fire sign!



  1. Wow, I’m so honored. Thanks!

  2. My vote is for Bubba on the Political Correctness has Consequences post:

    “They’re free to let their freak flag fly, but the rest of us are under no moral obligation to salute.”

  3. Chance,

    You’re welcome! :)


    I was rolling over laughing when I saw that quote of Bubba’s. Classic.

  4. Mine was from “a small penguin”:

    “I just thought this was wort pointing out. Having been an “at risk” youth, I am always sensitive to other risks I may be facing:

    One of the recruits is the Rev. Wieslaw Jankowski, a priest with the Institute for Studies on the Family, a counseling center outside Warsaw. He said priests at the institute realized they needed an exorcist on staff after encountering an increase in people plagued by evil.

    Typical cases, he said, include people who turn away from the church and embrace New Age therapies, alternative religions or the occult. Internet addicts and yoga devotees are also at risk.

    I have noticed an increase in demonic yoga practitioners in my area.
    it’s just a warning.”
    a small penguin

    It was in response to this entry:,guid,ab5e5f04-38d9-4cbb-9182-c17a8fc1a995.aspx

  5. BTW,

    A few days ago, you said that if I had any supporting links for why I think Neo-nazis support Ron Paul I could post them here.

    I put together some of my reasons in an entry on my blog, so as to not clutter up yours too much.

    It’s kind of thrown together, because I’ve been busy. It was hard to choose which things to use, but I wanted to get you something sooner rather than later. If you follow the links, they will lead you to more links.,guid,10e56f0b-dc52-417a-a570-9789d3d20f0a.aspx

  6. Excellent catch on that comment. Now if only I had more time to comment.

  7. Teresa,

    Oh, yes, those evil yoga practitioners! What next? Possessed smoothie-makers?

    Thank you for the link to your Ron Paul stuff. I’ll look at it when I get a moment.

  8. TotalTransformation,

    Well, you certainly should have a few seconds to mosey on over to your own blog, find an amusing anecdote, and bring it over here. :)

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