Posted by: bridget | 14 March 2008

It’s Pi Day!

No, not pie (although this blogger is quite fond of the pumpkin variety) – it’s Pi Day, or 3-14.  (2015 should be a great year in which to celebrate this event.)


  1. It’s Pi day only if the month digit comes before the date digit. This is illogical, and the rest of the world outside North America does it the other way around. Indeed, so does your blog: the dates of posts are in the form: day, month, year. And, on that pattern, is there is no fourteenth month, there is no Pi day outside the US.

    Granting the illogical American premise, I can see why 1592 would have been a great year in which to celebrate this event, but I can’t for the life of me work out why 2015 should be. Will you enlighten?

  2. I was a volunteer at my kid’s school on Pi day. I helped serve Pie. My youngest memorized Pi to 21 places in order to get a peice of pie. :-)

    One of the more silly things that our school district does. Most things are more serious and practical…but hey! They got a 10-year-old to memorize Pi to 21 places, and that’s not nothin’!

  3. There is Pi approximation day outside the US, though. July 22.

    We had pumpkin pie at work on Friday, but I totally cheated and baked Mrs. Smith’s.

  4. Eoin,

    It’s Pi Day in America, which, in my world, is enough of a reason to celebrate. :) As you correctly point out, there is no 14th month elsewhere in the world (nor does April have a 31st day), so Pi Day is limited to America. The same is true of Mole Day (6.022 x 10^23, celebrated on 23 October). Looks like we get the nerdy holidays.

    As for 2015: in month, day, year, each two digits (As Y2K is over, there’s no need to fuss over all four), it would be 3.14.15. :)


    Impressive! Sounds like a good way to get the kids interested in math. :)


    Are you back to blogging?!?! Things have been quiet in your corner of the blogosphere.

    Nothing wrong with baking Mrs. Smith’s. After all, it’s not pumpkin season anyway, so you would still be getting the stuff out of a can. :)

  5. I did celebrate it last year (with our homeschool math team); unfortunately, it slipped my mind this year. Eight digits is all I can do with certainty.

    Found you via Neil’s blog (4simpsons). What a pleasure to read!

  6. Thank you, Hannah! :) I’ve seen you over at Neil’s, too. :)

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