Posted by: bridget | 16 March 2008

Comment of the Week

Yes, it’s back, although it is more accurately “Comment of this week, last week, and part of the week before that one.”  Yours truly has been running across ten different states, writing papers, and doing projects, and, therefore, neglecting CotW.  (“Third year, they bore you to death” – ha!)

 Without further ado, this week’s Comment of the Week goes to Laura (southernxyl), for her comment on the pending litigation against Al Gore, regarding his claims about global warming:

I was unaware that the Nobel Prize was the equivalent of a signed note from God.

Remember how to play:

  • Go back to your own blog and find your favourite comment that someone left you
  • Copy it and bring it back here and post it in the comments of this post
  • Please feel free to link back to your blog /post where the comment took place and also the commenter’s blog.
  • Okay — please play! Show some love!

knut-waving-paw-with-trainer.jpg      hexapodes1.jpg

Above left: Knut (from  Above right: Henry the hexapus.



  1. Is Knut waving to me?

  2. I think Knut only waves at people who import amusing, enlightening, or pithy comments from their own blogs. :p

    Seriously, Tammi. You have a Gnomes Gone Wild (or Native, or Sighted) post that, by itself, is a CotW. Then Ted’s comment on it… but no comment love over here. I see how it is. Harrumph.

  3. My favorite was this one – but I don’t know what the language restrictions are on your blog, so feel free to delete it is you find it offensive. The comment was from “Mark”, a regular commenter, and atheist Libertarian who describes himself as influenced by Ayn Rand (but not hard-core). He’s also a Ron Paul supporter. I think you two would get on like toast and butter (not in a romantic way, I’m not trying to set you up or anything…just you’d have fun discussions)

    LOL – at least she got one thing right!

    BTW I pee OUTSIDE all the time. I have found that the police don’t always like it when you do that. hmmm… Now I can tell them I’m only following God’s law by doing so. I’ll not only get to stay in a small room and get a free meal, but I’ll get a visit from a nice doctor, too! See, health care IS free.

  4. Teresa,

    I love it. :)

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