Posted by: bridget | 29 March 2008

Blogging, Schmologging

Sometimes, there are more important things than blogging – like the annual softball tournament.  A soundtrack for the weekend: here.



  1. Good title!

    How’s that bar exam study thing going for you?

  2. Thank you.

    Bar exam studying begins in May. This is just “elephant wandering all over the state and swamped with work” lack of blogging. :)

  3. I LOVE softball!! :)

  4. MomLovesBeingAtHome,

    Always a good time! :) Want to join the Federalist Society/Christian Legal Society on Sunday?

    Update: I’ve played in three games and yet to get hurt. This is a serious record here for the annual tournament.

    1L: playing pitcher. Line drive to my right. With no time to get the glove across my body, I dove and stuck out my hand. I felt the reflex action of dropping the painful, painful object long before I could wrap my hand around it. On the plus side, it turned an almost-certain double into what was either an out or a base hit.

    For some un-recalled reason, I wound up with a bunch of bruises at the end of that game. There was one on my thigh that was a few inches across and took a few weeks to fade.

    2L year: first pitch was a hit, line drive, off my toe. On the plus side, the shortstop got it and made the out. (There are a lot of disadvantages to having the pitcher’s mound all of about 30 feet from the batter.) During the second inning, the guy running home bodyslammed me. Then, when running around the bases myself, I was hit in the head with the softball. After that, I was quickly reassigned to drinking mimosas while icing my head, which, at 10 am, suited me just fine.

    Sometime around the fifth inning, Iwas standing behind the backstop, drinking my (second? third?) mimosa and heard, “Heads!” Instead of ducking like a normal person, I hit the pavement, flat out – luckily, as the ball immediately thereafter traveled through the space vacated by my body. My friends, being friends who can and should laugh at those things, promptly cracked up. Mimosa duty turned into please-get-away-from-all-moving-objects duty.

  5. Theo,

    Alcohol after a head injury. You’re my kind of gal alright! :-)

    Mine was when I landed on my head after botching a back-flip for my second degree black belt test. I was just too tired! My friend who was an EMT in the airforce insisted on testing my reflexes and doing an eye-tracking test before letting me have a beer, though. :-)

  6. Yikes! It sounds like maybe you should play a different position! :) Pitcher was one position I would never play. I played growing up and mostly played 1st base. Before that I had played 3rd base and during a game a girl hit a bullet of a ground ball straight to me. Well, it hit something on the ground and bounced straight up… to my face. Knocked me out completely. I woke up to find the whole team and my mom surrounding me as I lay there on the ground. I couldn’t figure out how my mom was right there in front of me because she had been on the other side of the fence in the stands. :lol: They made me sit out with ice on my face for awhile but I told my coaches that it hurt more that way than it did to just leave it alone. I convinced them I was fine and I went back in and finished the game. I had two lovely black eyes and a broken nose to show for it later though. Good thing they didn’t know that then! ;) Third base was a little scary after that but 1st base I loved!! :)

    I hope you stay safe!!

  7. I played a little softball while in elementary school. I didn’t get injured . . . mainly because I was too busy striking out. I almost achieved the unenviable feat of striking out three times in the same inning. Really. Mercifully, the kid in front of me in the order took the third out and saved me further humiliation!

  8. MomLBAH,

    What a story! I thought that these games were supposed to be safe ways for kids to have fun, enjoy the sunshine, get exercise, and learn team work. Ha!


    That’s… sad. I’m glad you were saved from your third at-bat.

    We won. :) Yay for the followers of Madison!

  9. “I thought that these games were supposed to be safe ways for kids to have fun, enjoy the sunshine, get exercise, and learn team work.” I still did that too. ;)

    Congrats on your win!!!

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