Posted by: bridget | 31 March 2008

Put Down the Dan Brown and Step Away From the Lawsuit

Two scientists in Hawaii have sued to stop CERN scientists from playing with their particle accelerator.  (Story here.)  Not much to add to Simon’s analysis of the jurisdictional issues (here); this will be a purely non-substantive blog post. 

Scientists spent about a dozen lonely years, making friends with their textbooks and foresaking any semblance of a normal life to get to be the people who play with the really cool toys.  Let them have their fun.  If they are amiss with their calculations and the world ends, who cares?  Isn’t it a small price to pay to not have to hear B. Hussein Obama talk about “change”?

Additional humour for your day: Snakes on a Plane-inspired bar review question.  Hat tip: Snakes on a Blog.



  1. Theo,

    From the article:

    “He pointed out that because of the dice-throwing nature of quantum physics, there was some probability of almost anything happening. There is some minuscule probability, he said, “the Large Hadron Collider might make dragons that might eat us up.”


    I thought, though that some versions of string theory would indicate that EVERYTHING happens…because in the multiverse every possibility becomes reality.

    Hopefully in our reality, the dragon will be small, and eaten by Schoedinger’s cat.

    I think we should name it Harvey.

  2. I think you are right about string theory, but I won’t talk about what I think about string theory.

    It could be though, that our universe is inside the dragon. I think that would make us pretty safe, especially if it is a really mean dragon.

    What if the dragon gets the flu?

  3. “Isn’t it a small price to pay to not have to hear B. Hussein Obama talk about “change”?”

    You just don’t understand. He is “our” Mandela. Or at least this wacky Brit’s inner goddess thinks so…


  4. I kind of like to hear people talk about change…
    …well, except for the growing number of homeless in our area. I don’t like to hear what they have to say about change. I don’t give them any. I try to have a sandwitch or a piece of fruit handy to give them instead.

    The change I save and give to the food shelf.

  5. TT,

    I bet old Jerry Falwel would agree if he was here. He thought Mandela was an evil Godless commie, and I suppose he’s say the same about Obama.

  6. LOL, Teresa.

    I like it. :) Of course, the cat could kill the dragon, which would render the entire thing moot. Or the dragon could off the cat.

    SST – that’s a good point. Maybe we experience global warming when the dragon breathes a little more fire.

    TT – Hum… maybe I need to be re-educated or something. First dose of the Kool-Aid didn’t take.

  7. Theo,

    Well, we won’t know until we look!


  8. So, of course, we’ll just have to look. See if the dragon will eat the cat. :)

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