Posted by: bridget | 4 April 2008

Search Terms

Yes, the latest installment of “strange thing people have used to find this blog.”  Really, it’s enough to make an elephant wonder.

is my landlord responsible for a leaking

Leaking roof?  Yes.  Faucet?  Depends on the state, and, perhaps, your lease.  Nose?  No. 

girlfriends in bikinis

Um, right.  In deference to the gentle H,aP readers, there are no girlfriends in bikinis on this blog.

self defense murders against a sleepwalker

Actually, there’s a case about a guy who murdered someone else while sleepwalking.  Generally, the somnambulists among us need not be killed – please, be nice to your local sleepwalkers!  We just want to get some food, chat mindlessly, or rearrange our bedrooms in the night.  We’re harmless. 

groups with signs

As opposed to groups who don’t want anyone to know who they are?  Or is this an astrological thing?  Anyone know of a group for red-headed Aries?

tree in a circle

This one is equally, if not more, ambiguous than the previous.  Most H,aP readers are Christian, but it can’t hurt to ask if there’s a Wiccan reading this who could inform us of why anyone would care about… a tree in a circle.

are mexicans really dirty orange pickers

No.  At least in 2007, they didn’t even have to pick oranges to get paid.

fat girls need sex too in ny

Is this a statement?  If so, generally, one would develop a blog specifically for the purpose of venting one’s frustration (or bringing about a change in the status quo which would reduce the need for such search terms), rather than sitting at home on the internet.  For more of the same, see:

what happens when females get aroused

Ya know, there’s something to be said for hands-on learning.  Step away from the keyboard (exceptions will be made for keyboard use related to match or eharmony) and out into the real world.

new study good looking women picky

Actually, they are more likely to have happy marriages (at least in the short term).  Harrumph – some girls have all the luck.

golden capitol

See here.  Even Dawn Eden was impressed.

how many species of pachyderms exist today

While this blogger can’t give you an exact count, she will mention a few highlights: Loxodonta africana and L. cyclotis (here); Elephas maximus; Hippopotamus amphibius; five species of rhinocerous (not including those found in Eugene Ianesco’s works); and canonicus scriptor. 



  1. Theo, jumped over to see what you’ve been writing about and I see you have been nearly as negligent as me. Oh well. I had to put up somthing on the election and the financial crisis as a minimum so I am trying to redeem myself a little. Hope all is well………..steve

  2. I’m laughing so hard right now my 3-year-old just came running out of her room to ask what is so funny. I think the one about dirty Mexican orange pickers is the one that did it!

    BTW, what exactly does theobromophile mean? I suppose I should know this, but I don’t, so just askin’.

  3. Never mind – I just read “About”. I should have thought to check there earlier.

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