Right-wing thoughts* from a left-coast** girl in exile.

Helvidius: James Madison’s pseudonym in the Pacificus-Helvidius debate.  Any confusion for a fourth-century theologian is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

Pachyderms, specifically, ἐλέφας: characterised by a long memory, tough hide, and vegetarian diet.  My alma mater’s mascot is an elephant; the “pachyderm” only coincidentally refers to the Republican party.  Elephants in question:


*As the astute reader can tell, they are about my three great loves: federalism, feminism, and food(1). Perhaps nerdy science stuff should also be on that list, but it really ruins the alliteration.   

**The left coast thing is fairly recent. In fact, it was a way to misspend the remains of my youth before 3L year of law school. Law school, in the grand scheme of things, is also a recent development – or at least a big change from structural composites and nanotechnology for various military applications. Before that, I studied engineering and classics in college.  This all adds up to a vegetarian from Massachusetts who is, rather improbably, quite conservative.

(1) Food, in Greek, is “broma.” “Theobroma” is a food of the gods; theobromine is a chemical found in chocolate. “Theobromophile” is therefore an obtuse appellation for a chocolate addict. 



  1. You need to put some more info here. How about a picture and some background info. :-)

  2. I already have a picture of two pachyderms alongside my comments. I guess I can rustle up some background info (judiciously edited to remove the scandalous parts).

  3. Thanks. It’s a work in progress. :)

  4. Definitely an improvement. I have a friend I would set you up with….lol.

  5. Your blog has certainly intrigued me. Found you through the Queen of Swords. If you’re interested, I’ll be tackling a religion mini-series on my blog soon – “Me vs. Christianity”

  6. Hi Dying,

    Thank you. :) I’ve seen you at QueenofSwords as well.

    Religion mini-series sounds great… assuming that will come up when y’all are done with finals on Friday. Good luck with that.

  7. Howdy! Discovered you over a t 4Simspons and was intrigued to read more. I gotta ask: Is your alma mater Alabama? I can’t think of another school that has an elephant as a mascot.

    Warmest rgeards,

  8. Addendum:

    Uhhh, nevermind! Reading is fundamental! Believe it or not, I knew that well before my days at Wash U. (St.Louis)!!!!


  9. LOL! Hi, Joseph, and thanks for stopping in. :)

    Cal State Fullerton also has an elephant mascot. So that’s three schools I know of – Tufts, CSUF, and Alabama.

  10. Thanks for the blog roll link! I will add your link to mine, as soon as I get a chance. :)

  11. BTW,
    Way off topic, but I met my wife through the internet, via a friend. I made up my mind that I would quit trying to meet women on my own and wait for God to work through one of my friends. Yenta, as we call her now, did just that and Elisa and I wrote back and forth via e-mail for three months before we met. I called her my e-babe. :)

  12. Interestingly enough, the term ‘bromic’ is used by Ayn Rand as a vernacular equivalent to ‘vitriolic’: acidic, severe and critical (but not bitter – bases, not acids are bitter).

    N.B. Chemically vitriol is sulphuric acid: H2SO4
    Whereas bromic acid HBrO3. Seeing as sulphuric acid is the stonger of the two, I’m guessing to be bromic means to be vitriolic, but maybe not as severe. : )

  13. Ntrail,

    Good point re: Ayn Rand, I do recall seeing that in her novels.

    Theobromine does not actually contain bromine. The Greek word for “food” is just close enough to “bromine” to call it “theobromine.”

    Check out this picture.

  14. Well, this has just become more interesting… :)

    Curiously enough, ‘bromos’ also has the connotation of foul… the bitterness of chocolate is given by its theobromine, which it turns out, unlike bromic acid (and the associated hydrogen bromate) is in fact basic, not acidic.

    Many plant toxins are basic, so it stands to reason that we would want to avoid them, and therefore interpret their taste as unpleasant.

    Except when combined with sugar and fat, and wrapped in foil… Mmmmm, chocolate : )

  15. Ntrail,

    What’s your point?

  16. Whoa, touchy!

    I was just peering a little more closely into the etymology of bromide/bromate… Sheesh!

    : )

  17. It wasn’t a touchy thing – it was a question. I’m frankly surprised that you seem to have an etymology fetish, that’s all.

  18. I read your comments on Neil’s Blog post: http://4simpsons.wordpress.com/2008/02/17/all-christians-should-be-pro-life/

    I was impressed :) Also, was glad to hear someone take the stand for chastity (and I would say took the stand in an interesting way lol). Not enough people seem to take that stand anymore…

    Anywho, keep it up! :)

  19. Hi Cpt Starfox,

    Thank you. :) Thank you as well for moseying on by my blog. :)

  20. :)

  21. this blog, and comments, sure uses a lot of big words. i hope i can keep up. the thing most interesting to me so far was your link to Feminists for Life. i thought it meant ‘card carrying feminists’ not the ‘right to life’ kind. i didn’t know the two camps could co-exist.


  22. Kris,

    Thanks for stopping by! :) I love the title of your blog. :)

    FFL does some really neat stuff. They’ve developed Pregnancy Resources Forums, where they’ll go to college campuses, discuss the resources that are available for pregnant and parenting students, and get students to lobby their administration for a parent-friendly campus. Their slogan is “Woman deserve better than abortion.”

    A woman at my law school had a really interesting angle about abortion: once you’ve made abortion legal so that women can get educations and have careers, you’ve set up a system that makes women get abortions if they experience an unplanned pregnancy.

  23. How can I contact you?

  24. I would really appreciate it if you would change the name I used for my comments from this site. I’ve chosen to bow out of the political world for the most part, and would prefer avoid anything from coming back to bite me in the ass in the future.

    I assume you’ll be able to figure out which comments are mine by the email address I’ve entered for this comment.

    I hope all is well, either at or beyond law school.

  25. Hi Fred,

    Okay, so your name isn’t Fred, but it will be for the comments, just to make it easier for anyone who reads them in the future.

    Absolutely understood – no worries at all.

    I hope all is well with you, too. Graduated, got some Latin on my diploma, doing well.

  26. Hey, just read through your posts on that abortion blog and I totally agree with what you’ve said. I had to stop posting on it because those people were so mean and they weren’t addressing any of my points so I gave up. Anyway, more power to you!

  27. I saw your post on The Volokh Conspiracy, but didn’t see an email address. I’d love to ask you a couple of things off of a public forum, would you drop me a line?


    (FFL member) :-)

  28. You look cute. I replied to a Volokh Conspiracy comment of your’s.

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