Posted by: bridget | 19 September 2006

Maybe Maine Should Follow Michigan’s Example

A young woman from Maine was tied up, dragged into a car, and driven towards New York by her parents so they could force her to get an abortion, as her parents disapproved of the father of her child. (There is speculation that the fact that she is white and her boyfriend is black was the motivation behind her parent’s actions.)

1. Too bad that no other state has a law like Michigan’s proposed CAPA.

2. Her parents are being charged with kidnapping. Laci’s Law (obviously only applicable in California; further discussion presumes that such a law would also be applicable in Maine) is only applicable when the child suffers death or bodily injury; there is no enumerated crime for the attempt to cause death or SBI to the unborn child, or the conspiracy to cause such death or SBI. So, despite the fact that her parents bound her, gagged her, and tried to force her to have an abortion and violate her bodily integrity in a very gruesome manner, they can only be charged with kidnapping. Grrrr!

3. If this were the South, the uproar about racism would be deafening. Where is the clamour, hue, and cry? Since it’s Maine, it’s okay to deny someone life because he will be half black?


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