Posted by: bridget | 9 November 2007


The Queen of Swords has returned from her blogging hiatus.  Check out her piece on camel beauty contests.


Apropos of sucking the joy out of life: doctors get cranky about the idea of mums who run marathons too soon after having babies.  Now, if there were a risk to the developing child (diversion of nutrition and oxygen to support marathoning), there would be some cause for complaint.  Not here, though: the general idea is that a woman’s body is forever changed (probably those nesty hormones), so no more running until the child is at least in middle school, or perhaps old enough for her own pregnancy.  What is it about strong women that sends men through the roof?  Sheesh, people: after giving birth, a marathon would probably seem like a walk  in the park.


Michael Mukasey has been confirmed as the Attorney General.  In other GOP  news, the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley has misplaced some 80,000 items


NY regulation of food, blog post #2,971: state health inspectors have their panties in a twist over how bartenders put limes into Coronas.  The bartenders have the audacity to pick up pre-sliced limes with their bare hands and put them into the drinks.  No tongs, gloves, or bundle boards – just skin-on-lime contact.  For all anyone knows, those bartenders could have touched trans fats

Pachyderm prediction: in just under three years, New Yorkers will only be permitted to have organic, pesticide-free, vegan food IVed into their bodies in clean rooms.


California is seeking a waiver from the EPA that would permit it to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in vehicles sold in the state.  In a freakish reversal of federalist principles, a state must ask permission from a federal agency in order to improve the conditions within its borders.  The EPA is not accountable to the electorate or to states and, thus, may act to thwart the will of the people and their elected officials. 

Automakers are complaining that this would result in a “patchwork of regulations” that they would have to meet.  Well, there’s no requirement anywhere in the Constitution that people be allowed to sell their goods in every state, under uniform standards.  As a policy matter, ignoring the Constitutional implications of this abrogation of state power, such a complaint is barely rational.  Automakers can sell base models that meet regulations in most states and have a low-emission option (much like, say, leather seats) for Californians and tree-huggers.  They could also make vehicles that meet the most strict requirements and sell them nationally, or they could forgo the California market, if either option is too expensive. Either way, there is no competitive disadvantage, as the rules apply uniformly to all automakers.



  1. Great collection – loved the lines about running vs. giving birth as well as about trans fat!

  2. There is probably a really bad spot in hell reserved for participants in camel beauty contests, so our Islamic friends are just trying to protect people.

    Still, it would have made a great reality show. They could have put all the camel contestants in the same barn and the audience could have watched their preparations. Then at the end of the season they could have televised the contest. The winning camel could have gone on TV talk shows.

    Probably New York should just ban eating altogether. Think of how much CO2 production would be reduced.

    I read a science fiction story when I was in college where the solar system drifted into an area of space where a cosmic cloud adversely affected brain function. Maybe the government should throw a few million into checking that out.

  3. “after giving birth, a marathon would probably seem like a walk in the park.”

    And what should a walk in the park seem like? Sitting naked on your couch eating Cheetos and watching American Idol, perhaps?

  4. Neil,

    Thank you. :)


    Why don’t you have a blog? Why be content to just guest-blog? Sigh… we’ll get you converted, sooner or later.


    Um, perhaps all of the above, with Haagan-Daz instead of Cheetos, and having a team of masseuses.

  5. TT,


  6. Bridget………

    “how bartenders put limes into Coronas.”

    Don’t those Coronas have alcohol that would kill most organisms from the hands or worse yet, the limes? ……..steve

  7. I would think so. Unless the bartender is bleeding profusely, I don’t see the problem with a little hand-on-lime action.

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